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hello, i'm cake, and i'm an aspiring visual novelist !
my goal is to create very cute games with the program Ren'py, and share the finished productions online, where you can play it!

by supporting me, you'll be helping me make this dream into a reality! every little bit counts, and helps bring me one bit closer to producing a game! it counts for both motivation and financial support.

a virus has spread, causing the slow downfall of humanity and a state of apocalypse. in the midst of this, a company is working to produce a cure, taking in volunteers to be subjected to a seemingly-magical pill. however, there may be more at work than our magical boy protagonists are aware of...

a dating sim where you play as a human working a part-time job at a local coffee shop. everyone in the town seems to be an adorable monster, but this is totally okay with you... right?

all the rewards will be available through discord only.
as such, the patreon page will not be updated with new content. to see the content, you must have a discord and join the server once it becomes available to you after you pledge. this makes things easier for me to keep track of and more organized!

thank you for reading, and thank you for your support~!

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