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About Conquer Your PCOS

Struggling with the signs and symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and wish you could get evidence-based answers? Want to shed unwanted fat, have a baby, heal your acne, reduce excessive hair growth, restore your sense of femininity and self-worth.

Welcome, you are absolutely in the *right* place, gorgeous!

At Conquer Your PCOS, we’re here to guide, support and inspire you through evidence-based, do-able advice that really works. Add in an ample sprinkle of compassion and a large dose of understanding and you’ll get a sense of who we are, why we do what we do, and why we need your help.

Why we’re on Patreon...

Our Situation:

Hey, we are Dr. Rebecca and Criss, two women who both have a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and are passionate about helping other women with PCOS to live a life they love. (More about us below in case you’re interested. 😊) Dr. Rebecca penned the bestselling book, Conquer Your PCOS Naturally, and founded the website of the same name. We met because of this book.

One of the things we have both observed is how terribly limited the mainstream healthcare system can be for women with this syndrome. Horrible, judgmental, and hopelessly unable to provide real answers that actually, well, work!

The standard conversation commonly goes something like this…

“Come back when you want to have babies because you’ll need medical intervention, and you might never be able to conceive anyway…”

“Just lose weight!” (with the frustrating implication this is somehow your fault)…

“All you can do is take the pill” (mistaken and potentially dangerous)…

Yep, we’ve heard this before, too. And just so you know, it’s (usually) wrong.

Conquer Your PCOS Naturally was created to share the wealth of scientific-evidence and a safe, natural path forward to a healthy, happier life. The info you need is available if you know where to look and how to interpret the research. CYPN connects the dots between the studies and actionable steps.

While we’ve grown an engaged community over the last decade, with hundreds of articles on our site and thousands of followers, we’ve learned two things: 

1) We want CYP to exist for a long while. The information and resources we provide can be transformative. Yet, even decades after our diagnoses, these are sadly still not available to most women. We receive emotional testimonials from all around the globe. I (Dr. Rebecca here) love creating articles that matter and information that truly makes a difference. I (Criss here) have spent years looking for answers and researching things that can improve PCOS health and love sharing recipes, insights, and advice. We both want this platform to remain available for women — just like you. There is such a need.

2) CYPN needs to be self-sustaining to remain “do-able”. I’ve personally put $10,000s of dollars of my own money into study, conferences, content creation and supporting women but it's simply not sustainable. If CYPN is to continue helping women, and educating the health professionals that support them, it needs to be self-supporting. 

We made the decision not to use ads. Why? We just don’t like them. When you’re learning how to conquer your PCOS the last thing you need is annoying adverts that distract you. So rather than kill user experience, we needed a better way.

Enter Patreon…

By choosing a tier you can support our work. It makes such a difference and we are 💖 beyond grateful to every member of our donating community. 

Where will the money be spent?

We want to be transparent so here are the ongoing costs your donation will help us with…

Hosting. To keep a website working well, we need a high-quality hosting plan. It’s essentially like paying rent and without it we cannot exist in the cyber world.

Our email platform. To send out emails to our gorgeous community members costs money. Yup, just like regular post you’ve gotta pay to say *hi*.

Website development. Techy things like websites need upkeep. They have hiccups, need additions, and there are new gizmos that enhance user experience. Unfortunately, we are normal lasses without vast digital skills so we need to pay someone who knows what to do.

Social media shout outs. To get the word out, social media requires their pound of flesh as well. Yes, we need to pay to connect with those who need us. For example, even if you follow our Facebook page there’s only a 10% chance that you’ll see our posts organically. $$$ need to be pumped into the machine to increase our reach and impact.

Us. The problem with being human is the necessities that come with it… Food, clothing, warmth, families. We’re just like you.

Our VA. We have the most incredible, gorgeous VA to help us with web stuff, article uploads, graphic design (we love, love pretty), book and special report design, and other VA jobs (yes, he’s our unicorn — very rare — and we want to keep him with us).

With these covered, CYPN can keep on giving. 

Now back to an important question…

🙋Who are we anyway?

Dr. Rebecca Harwin is the bestselling author of Conquer Your PCOS Naturally and founder of She is a Chiropractor, holds three health science degrees, is an experienced clinician, and the author of over a dozen books. She herself was diagnosed at just 17 years of age and went through years of heartache and life-altering symptoms before discovering what it takes to become well. 

She has often appeared in the media including; Today Tonight, Woman's Day, USA Today, Marie Claire, Body & Soul, Women's Health & Fitness, Fitness First, Women's Health, Cosmopolitan, Cleo, USA Today and SBS.

Criss has spent years struggling with the signs and symptoms of PCOS, dealing with unhelpful health professionals, and experiencing the frustrating highs and lows and the nasty side effects that PCOS can bring. Over the years she has done much in the way of self-healing and has made significant improvements to the quality of her life.

Living with PCOS, drug-free, she no longer has polycystic ovaries and has maintained a healthy menstrual cycle for over 5 years now. Happily married with 3 miracle children, all conceived naturally. She's passionate about real food, natural healing, the power of our bodies and helping others live better lives with PCOS. Her mantra? You can Conquer your PCOS NATURALLY.

Anyhoo, thanks a *bunch* for any support you can give. We appreciate it from the bottom of our grateful hearts and look forward to serving you for a long while.

xx Dr. Rebecca & Criss

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