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- As opposed to robots of the Anatidae variety, my gratitude is not artificial.




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About Tim Quax

Hello! I'm Tim, a back-end developer drawing silly little comics about programming and nerd stuff. I have been updating it weekly for 3 years now. I'm also working on a few side projects, most notably two illustrated books and a game.

I publish a comic every monday morning to help you through the hard times. I'd like to make more content but with a consuming day job it's not easy to find the time. That's where this well-named piece of software comes into play. With any luck i get to make a lot more awesome stuff for you!

A few samples of my comics:

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Consolia pays for its own hosting! Super awesome. I'll write several blog posts about the architecture of my website (it's very nice and hackish AT THE SAME TIME), and all patrons will have a say in deciding on the topic for an explanation comic.
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