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About Conspiracy Queen

My name is Monique Mychaels and I’m starting this channel “Conspiracy Queen” because I feel I need to do something, say something, cause I’ve got a lot to say. I feel like I am looking around every day wondering why I am seeing what I am seeing and wondering how or what I can do to improve things. I see a lot of arguing on the Internet among friends and family about political issues and ideas; I am guilty of it, a lot of us are. I tend to argue because I don’t think people have all of the correct information a lot of the time, and they feel the same about me. I find myself getting sucked in and allowing myself to become triggered and it bugs the crap out of me! I know being overly emotional or only emotional about things cuts off the necessary need for communication. So I am creating a platform for which we as a community can step away from the status quo and look at the world around us through different eyes – open eyes, eyes that are awake! I want to share information AND I want to show you where information is being tweaked, altered and sometimes outright fabricated from thin air!
So how the hell are we gonna do all that….?!?! By sharing information, having balanced discussions about issues, not giving in to the fighting and name-calling, being patient with one another, being respectful of ourselves and personal boundaries.And finally, the best thing we can do for ourselves and those around us is to be honest to the best of our abilities and knowledge about EVERYTHING!
So if you are ready to do this, take a ride down the rabbit hole with the Conspiracy Queen, then click Like and Subscribe so you can know when I have a new video ready! Please leave your edifying comments below! Negativity has a place, and it’s over there, far far far away from here.
Thank you for your support! Have a beautiful day!
Mitakuye oyasin

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