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About Continuum Page

Our aim is to solve the problem we faced ourselves while studying through the research papers we had to read before every class or throughout our study books.
Econometrics or neuro-economics for example ain't easy, but having to flip through pages to contextualize information that should be simultaneously visible, was a frequent pain point in the whole process (which lead to unnecessary mistakes).

In order to address that problem we rethought books as we knew them and reached the simplest of solutions in printed papers/books. This made it much easier to absorb and analyse data/information, once we made every sequence of 2 pages simultaneously visible throughout a book or set of pages.

We hope you're using our website on a frequent basis, to read/print through the papers you have to read, without struggling to contextualize information on opposite sides of a page.

Help us maintain this project, spread the word and reshape the way research/school books/papers are presented to us.
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