The Conversation Hat Podcast are creating Hat based Comedy Shows

Early Access!

$1 /mo
(Around 70p)

You'll get access to the show an entire week earlier than non-patrons! Whaaaaat!?

Free Music!

$5 /mo
(Around £3.50)

You'll be given free downloads to music used on the show - usable as ringtones and everything!

In addition to early episode access.

Merch Pack #1

$10 /mo
(Around £7)

A special merch pack containing extra sticky stickers and (unsticky) badges! I heard all the cool kids are wearing badges, soooo....

Currently we can only ...


The Limerick!

$20 /mo
(Around £14)

A limerick written about you and featured on the show. We can't promise it'll be entirely pleasant, however!

In addition to early episode access and free music downloads. 

Merch Pack #2

$25 /mo
(Around £17.50)

You will receive an exclusive patron-only merch pack brimming with stickers, badges and your very own hat! Name it, wear it, raise it as your own. Just don't let i...

You're own fricken' theme tune!

$30 /mo
(Around £21)

Liam has to write a song about you, with whatever info you can give him. We'll use it on the show, after which you can use it as your personal theme tune whenever you...

The Hangout!

$40 /mo
(Around £28)

You will be invited to a Google hangout with The Conversation Hat team!

In addition to early episode access and free music downloads.  

The Advert!

$50 /mo
(Around £35)

You'll get a one minute advert slot to slug whatever wares you want to slug, (assuming it's not something we're morally opposed to). You can advertise your wares, plu...