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Thanks for checking out this page and my attempt to create a narrative about family life. I had the idea of creating this podcast when I realised my daughter loved talking as much as I do.

As a child I used my dads old reel to reel tape recorder and recorded anything that came to mind. From singing into the microphone, to getting older and without knowing about audio books, reading my favourite tales for my sister to listen to (I'm not sure she ever listened!) 

I worked for a brief time in radio after University and my love of talking continued, but at the time and the stations I was working on, my creativity for producing shows was limited and the music was terrible to listen to! I was not the best DJ because of it. Now with the internet and podcasts being so easy to produce, I felt like I wanted to make one. I have in the past produced them around films and gaming but there are people doing that better and more interestingly than I could so it fell flat. Sometimes with people moving away so the ability to do what we had been doing fading and sometimes it was just bad. 

So I thought, as a new parent what would I like to hear? I thought that hearing what kids actually thought might be a good place to start. So that is how the podcast began. 

Forcing a 4 year old to do anything is not easy, so having a co-host that has literal temper tantrums means I am currently looking to produce one episode a month. Sometimes there will be more episodes, maybe there will be less. I just hope you enjoy each one and can find something that you may useful about being a parent in there. 

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When I reach 500 patrons, I will know that forcing my daughter to sit down and do this is actually worth the effort. I can then look at investing in the podcast and getting real artwork produced, proper theme music written and a real producer to help produce the podcasts more regularly.
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