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About Christian (Conversion World)

Hello tabletop fans and welcome to my patreon site.

My name is Christian and I am designing and producing bitz for tabletop games with my little company called Conversion World. But I guess, since you are here, you know this already… If not, fell free to visit to get an impression of what I am doing.

If you should already know my webshop, you also know that I work with the objective to create attractive designs and to produce my bitz and models in best quality possible. Time will tell if i will be succesfull in achieving these goals, but as for the customers feedback I got up until now, things are looking good so far.

What you maybe didn´t know is who´s the person behind Conversion World. So allow me to shortly introduce myself. My Name is Christian (as I said already) and I am in my early thirties.

Ever since I first had the idea to create my own bitz and models a couple of years ago, building up a whole company around this idea very rapidly became an absolute matter of the heart to me and I worked very hard the last couple of years – besides my regular job - to finally get to the point where I could sell my products to hopefully delighted customers.

Reaching this point was not easy though and more than once I was close to giving up on Conversion World altogether. There was just so much work to do and also a substantial amount of money to spend, that I more than once doubted if all of this will pay of one day. (I had for example to invest money for professional casting equipment and material, for the production of my master-models, for webdesign and the webshop, for photo equipment, for software licenses and for legal support and permits, to only mentione a few matters of expense.)

But then, late in 2016 if I remeber right, I was finally at the point to be able to sell some first produtcs. It was only on Ebay, because the webshop was nowhere near to completion at that point, but it was a start. And the customers feedback i got was really overwhelming and gave me the courage to go on.

Now the webshop has finally opend, but notheless, as of right now, Conversion World is still only a very small company (if you can even call it that) with basically only me doing all the work. I get a little help from a good friend from time to time when it comes to technical support with the webshop, but the rest, (building molds, casting, order management, accounting, customer interaction and everything else) is all done by me. And that is basically where your support via Patreon comes into play.

I know of course that Conversion World must grow as a company to be able to maintain the same quality but to be able to produce a greater number of products so that not only a few people will be able to buy my products. But this will require further, substantial investments and financial risks. I will need to buy additional casting equipment for sure and most of all hire some qualified people to help me with my various task. And that is what I would use yours support for.

Maybe I would be able to da all these things also without Patreon one day, but with supporting me here, you will definitively speed up that process a lot. Plus, the less time I have to “waste” with tasks like accounting or such, the more time I have to design and create new bitz and models you all might like and could use for your armies.

And if all of that shouldn´t have convinced you to consider supporting me, there are of course also substantial rewards for doing so with the different tiers of support… (Fell free to contact me if you should have any questions about single rewards at [email protected])

Thanks a lot in advance to everybody who should decide to support me. It really means a lot to me.

Best regards,
Christian for Conversion World

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With this level of support I would basically be able to hire somebody to help me out with with order managemant and accounting, leaving me more time to work on new bitz and models.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 24 exclusive posts

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