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About Cookie

I'm Cookie, a graphic designer, illustrator, fashion enthusiast and aspiring self-employed artist. I enjoy designing original characters, creating kawaii graphics, and painting with watercolors.  

It has always been my dream to pursue the arts professionally; it is my biggest passion to create and make people smile. So here's me taking the first step into making those dreams come true!

I look forward to the journey ahead, and hope that with your support I can make an honest living while doing what I love most!

The tip jar tier is the first level and costs just a dollar! With this tier you get a chance to vote in exclusive monthly polls deciding what kind of illustration I'll put out for that month. 
The second tier level is the c3! You hear right, a channel just about chocolate chip cookies. Milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, German chocolate. On this channel it's all chocolate all the time! With this tier, you not only get to vote in the monthly poll, you get to submit suggestions. These suggestions will be collected into a pool and some will be selected at random and come together as the monthly poll in which YOU personally get to vote in. That's right! A voting system that isn't rigged. Doesn't get any sweeter than this! Along with those delicious perks, you will be the first to see behind the scenes deals about all the cool things I'm working on. 

For the finer things in life, fancy folks like yourself , you may be interested in donning the title of Pastel Macaron channel aficionado. Let me pasTELL you just what perks you'll have being a subscriber of this channel. Along with the treats mentioned above, you will also get to see the super secret humble beginnings of all my work. That's right, you will have access to pdf collections of studies, sketches and inspirational doodles that pertain to the projects I'm working on as well as just random pieces I make on the side for myself for fun. It's fun to know all the little ingredients that come together and make the final product, so with this level you'll have just that!

My delightful sprinkles, with the most deluxe level, you get not only rainbow sprinkle bragging rights, all the previously mentioned rewards, you will be invited to a monthly ( or even special bi monthly ) livestream treat. I will do my best to schedule a time that works well for everyone and we can work together on some art. 

$0 of $100 per month
Monthly Podcast
I'd like to create an audio podcasts to talk about behind the scenes things going on and to also wrap up what's happening in the month. I'd like to have it accompanied with a monthly newsletter. At this goal, I'll have enough earnings/patrons to warrant creating a special update to connect with you all.

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