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About Rodrigo

Hi there and welcome to my Patreon page.
If you haven't read any of my work before, please have a look at some of the articles I wrote:

The project

I want to build an informative, consistent and throughout place to read about the inner workings of video-game consoles.
My articles are dedicated to those who want to understand why each system could display what it did, and how did it manage to do so. The writings are also available on Github for everyone that wants to contribute or discuss changes.

The funding

All in all, there are no profits to be made from the website (otherwise, it would've been riddled with ads!) and there's no 'premium' content either. It's just a place where I share my writings. But as any other website, it costs money to maintain, so this Patreon was made for those who found my write-ups interesting and would like to help out.

Your contribution will be used to pay for hosting and get more resources that will help me to improve the quality of current articles and upcoming ones. As a token of appreciation, your name will be mentioned on the credits of the next article. I also share a list of interesting materials to acquire at the end of each article.

Staying updated

Important updates (like when a new article draft is finished) are shared here, but if you are interested in small updates (like when I add new content on an existing article), I announce these on my Twitter account. Finally, every single change is logged in the dedicated Github repo.
$62.92 of $112.89 per month
Pay to translate all the articles to Spanish + maintenance.

Writing new articles is a priority, but I think it would also be beneficial to reach wider audiences. I decided on Spanish because I can contribute as well, thus the cost won't skyrocket. It's a long shot, but if this takes off, I'll devise a plan for other languages as well. Based on search clicks, Japanese and Portuguese are potential candidates.
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