is creating hydroMazing Smart Garden System
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Let's make a difference, together with your contribution to my work.  Help direct me with your comments, suggestions, and input.  You will be able to select which projects you would like to receive.

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You will receive your own hydroMazing Basic System with the Smart Module ( Raspberry Pi ).  I will personally provide you with support.  You will receive extras as they become available and other insider information and assistance. Requires minimum 3 month commitment. 




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About CoreConduit

Are you interested in receiving exclusive access to some really cool projects?

My name is Cory, I’m a Technical Craftsman specializing in creative problem solving within electronics and software engineering. Professionally, I’ve worked as an electronics engineer, a plastics fabricator, software engineer, an industrial laser technician, and many other positions including a coffee barista.  I've spent the last several years working primarily on hydroMazing Smart Garden System,  and many other projects in between that keep me going.

I am very much a proponent of being hands-on with your garden, as I believe it is not possible to have continued success without knowing and checking your plants yourself. But I wasn’t satisfied with having to worry about when to turn on fans and heaters, pumps, lights, and humidifiers. You know, all that irritating stuff. By combining my strong interests in electronics and gardening, I gradually developed an automated system capable of maintaining and monitoring any garden using microcontrollers, sensors, and wireless controlled outlets. And the hydroMazing was born!

My vision:  Empower everyone to grow a more sustainable future by harnessing the power of technology and nature.

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Together, we can make a difference. You are essential to the success of this mission because I need your help, input, comments, suggestions, direction, and I ask you to pitch in to help pay for the cost of the project. The more people we can reach, the more people we can teach, and make the project available to them.

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