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Heh, You're helping!!  Now you get a one stop shop where you can have quick access to all our shared events, show recordings etc etc, THANK YOU!

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The mp3 a week crowd knows that we kindof run on an average.   with hos crazy the shows have gotten i dont always have time to crank out one a week. But i CAN crank out 4 a month.   so you'll get em.   Basically half an album a month!! 

First for signing up u get a sticker too.  Duh. 

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If you think there should be more gratitude in the world, pick this one.  
mon-sat @ 700am we share an inspirational video, usually a Ted Talk, then we talk about goals, setting them or creating action steps, then we #DoTheWork, listing some amazing things that have happened in our lives and writing down THREE THINGS we are grateful for. 

Its changing lives.   Like... for real.  

Your support helps cover internets and power and coffee! Without which #GnG wouldnt be possible!

Obviously you get a sticker.  and an mp3 per week,. 
And!!, ill FB mssgr in to your birthday anywhere in the world to sing you happy birthday!! or one of your friends! YAAAA lets embarrass one of your friends!




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About Corey

2016 was amazing!  Goals & Gratitude took off! We did our first live events w 30 to 50 poeple.  CoffeeOnTheDock took off, finding some truly inspiring and just downright fun guests to share some java! oh and we had a music video hit 1 MILLION VIEWS. 

You can Support Local Media!  
Your monthly subscriptions are integral to keeping the frickin lights on!  They will also help me get some cool gear to make the live shows look and sound awesome!  It also goes toward spreading the word about the shows so we can grow! 

I am infinitely grateful that I get to be a voice sharing the amazing stories about this county and the world on #CoffeeOnTheDock, and that #GnG is actually changing peoples lives just w the power of Gratitude and Daily Practice!
Its also really fun that my music (and all the artists i plan on collaborating w this year) can serve as amplifier for these groups and messages. 
With your help i can keep doing it!  And with your suuport we can build this into something truly amazing!
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
$4 of $250 per month
@ This level I can get another loop station to loop my vocals!  This will get very very awesome very very fast!  

Cant stop the signal. 
Long live the net! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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