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Do you ever just think "Wow, this guy is literally teaching me a new profession. I have no idea how to repay him!", and that guy is me? $1 shows your gratitude and goes a long way in keeping me stoked on making new content. This reward puts you on a notification list each time I add new content.
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Here's the thing. You cringe every time you hear "Chilicon Valley", and I die a little bit inside every time I say it. $3 ensures I don't have to say it anymore, and Cincinnatians (cincinnati-ites?) everywhere have one less (chili) joke at their expense. You're doing a good deed here. $3 buys me coffee, and gives you access to the discussions here on my Patreon.
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I can type 10,000 words a minute. There's no way in heck you can read that fast. You definitely can't code that fast. You could read my content every night until your mom tells you to get off the wifi because she can't watch Bravo Now, or for $5 you can join my private facebook group where I can help you with code problems (or reading... i'm a gud reader) or just chat brogrammer stuff.




I'm going to turn you into a software engineer

I'm Corey Howell. I'm a 28 year old software engineer living in Cincinnati "Chilicon Valley" Ohio... that HAS to be the worst geographical nickname, but I get paid every time I say "Chilicon Valley", so.... Chilicon Valley. Just kidding. No one pays me to say that... yet.

Anyway, I turn code, coffee, and tacos into high-quality software on a daily basis, and I absolutely love sharing my knowledge. That's where Patreon comes in, it allows me to share my expertise with my fans and patrons.

When I was a fledgling coder, I spent hours scouring the internet for answers to every programming question under the sun. I was constantly met with old outdated answers, threads that were closed with "Nevermind! Just figured it out!" and didn't actually post what their solution was, and trouble with just knowing what to even google in general. Becoming a patron not only gifts you my undying gratitude, but it solves the problem of tracking down answers - just ask me or my community.

Writing comes pretty naturally to me so written tutorials are my preferred medium, but I may launch a youtube series if there is demand.

Chilicon Valley.
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When I reach 100 patrons, I'll host a meetup in Cincinnati so we can all get together and talk software, code, and ideas. If you're from out of town, fly on in!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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