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About Corey Van Hoosen

Corey Van Hoosen is a designer and developer of browser and mobile 2d games.

Mage Guild
Currently in development, my latest game the player controls a wizard whom has recently joined a society of wizards that test their spellcasting against each other in duels. It's a turn-based tactical game in which the player can select their spells before each duel. Winning duels unlocks new spells for the player like the abilities to summon imps and fairie dragons, create walls of fire, teleport, push and pull foes, heal, vampirically drain, and more. Customize your wizard changing their hair, hat, skin color, and clothes.

Monarchies of Wax and Honey
In the player takes the role of a queen honey bee looking to build a hive. She can start and build a colony by birthing workers and setting their tasks. Workers can forage flowers for nectar and pollen, nurse the brood, build new hive cells, and defend the hive from wasps and parasitic varroa mites. Players can create an account to track their progress through challenges and unlock new bee species to play as.

Arboreal Demigod
The player finds themselves dropped into a forest as a woodland spirit creature, the Arboreal Demigod. The demigod can control what lives and what dies in its part of the world—absorbing the life force of plants, fungi, and animals to use in the spawning of trees and rain. An ecosystem is simulated in which trees drop seeds providing a food source for deer, squirrels, and crows—who poop them out someplace else where new trees are born. The player's forest faces the threat of forest fires and deforestation at the hands of human woodcutters. Some humans chisel altars out of boulders at which to pick and burn sage in ceremonies in honor of the player.

Tiny Trash Pandas
A mother raccoon finds herself with an increasingly large number of babies to take care of. Guide them to food and away from dangers like cougars. Eat berries, nuts, other wildlife, and break into human campsites—raiding their trash for edible delights, while avoiding six-pack rings and sharp aluminum cans.

So far, my games are free to play. Developing games takes a lot of time, and paying for servers, software, and hosting can add up. If you like the games I make, please consider becoming a patron. Your support would go a long way in encouraging the continued development of new games and making the existing ones better.

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