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All tier levels now have full access to the first 3 months of the online class. More coming after we see what happens post Covid-19 <3

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All tier levels now have full access to the first 3 months of the online class. More coming after we see what happens post Covid-19 <3

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All tier levels now have full access to the first 3 months of the online class. More coming after we see what happens post Covid-19 <3



About Corinne Loperfido


Hello friends!

I created this Patreon for those who have been long time followers and want to support my work. I have been doing community events all over the country for the past decade, and in the past 2 years have committed to significantly reduce my impact on the Earth through changing my habits and participation in the System. Through my personal Instagram and also with Pussy Power House, I provide resources, inspiration, and a platform for social + political conversations about women's empowerment and environmental action. I put a lot of energy into my offerings online and in real life at these events, festivals, workshops, and gatherings to hold space and share wisdom with and for as many people as I possibly can. 

The reason for starting this page now, is to have a home for my first online class : Minimalism for Maximalists. I have been on my zero waste journey for two years now, and people from all over the world have been reaching out via Instagram asking me to teach an online class. Each week from January to June 2020, I will be releasing a new set of resources, homework, and inspiration for the topic of the week. Each month the lessons will be divided up by category, and we will dive deep into learning how to be happier with less, how to get back in harmony with the cycles of the Earth, and evolve beyond this current paradigm. We are coming together to do the work to compost this toxic system by sharing resources, tips, and supporting each other on our journeys towards a new way of relating.

After the class is over, I am going to keep this Patreon alive as a place to share resources and continue to take suggestions on what people want to learn from me. The more funds I am able to raise here directly by my community, the more I can authentically inspire the souls of many through sharing resources and supporting others as we make big changes on this Earth. More money means more videos, more classes, and whatever it is that yall want! 


In a world rapidly expanding, our over-consumption and mismanagement of resources is destroying the Earth. In this course you will learn tips about how to transition towards a zero waste lifestyle and how you can benefit from it financially and emotionally while simultaneously improving your health and the environment! Minimalism isn't about having an all white simple and sparse space, it is about figuring out your own unique aesthetic and having only what you actually need and love, and responsibly letting go of the rest.

This course will provide practical resources and information about how to shop smarter for food, clothes, and "products", how to be happier with less, and how to ethically declutter. You will learn what you can do personally to lessen your environmental footprint, deal with emotional attachment to objects and how improving these aspects relates to all areas of your well-being. There will be an emphasis on learning how to declutter, as well as taking a closer look at *why* it is that we end up with a never-ending stream of "stuff" coming into our lives. Analyzing everything you have and learning how to say "no" to more things allows you to get the most out of what you already own, and gives you the confidence to let go more freely.

By the end of the 6 months, people will have a deeper understanding of their buying habits and how these habits are related to every aspect of their life and health. Through sharing our experiences on how we are each doing our part on the bi-weekly check ins, we will inspire each other to do even better and create a community of support by shifting away from disposable culture and into a more regenerative future!


Anyone who is signed up for a $20/month or more donation will be put on an email list and each Wednesday morning you will be receiving an email with that week's homework, resources, videos, and tips. Every other week on Wednesday at 8pm CST there will be doing a live video check in for one hour where I will come on to answer questions and we can get together and share about what we're learning.  This page is a place to learn for yourself and also get support from everyone who is out there doing the course on their own (or ideally with family, housemates, and friends). You can email me questions or comment on patreon any time and I will answer them in the bi-weekly video. If you miss the live video time, you can watch it later.

Course includes :
  • Weekly resources (podcasts, TEDtalks, books, websites, instagrams)
  • Homework exercises (journaling, personal observations, field trips)
  • How -To videos made by me
  • A bi-weekly video chat for asking questions & group check-in
You will learn how to :
  • Understand your needs vs wants
  • Create healthier, more Earth-friendly habits
  • Declutter your life and significantly minimize your personal waste
  • Live happier with less stuff


January : Food + Kitchen
  • Preparing Your Kit
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Rethinking Food
  • "Trash" + "Recycling"
February : “Stuff” + Decluttering
  • All the Stuff
  • Closet
  • Papers
  • Technology
March : Bathroom + Products
  • Hygiene
  • “Beauty”
  • Toilet Talk
  • Menstruation
April : Garden + Farming
  • Home Garden
  • Local Farms
  • Composting
  • Community
May : Moving Around
  • Travel
  • Transportation
  • Van Life
  • Living Outside the Script
June : Getting Creative
  • Making Art
  • Buy Nothing
  • Fix Everything
  • Divest + Invest


TEXTBOOK : Zero Waste Home By Bea Johnson
I call this book "the bible of zero waste" and I will be referencing pages in this book most weeks of the class. Bea is the founder of the ZW movement and spent years figuring out all the reusable (vs disposable) "swaps" and DIY recipes for making your own stuff. If you only buy one book for this class, buy this one.

Your Personal Journal
I've found that it is really helpful for personal development to keep a journal tracking your progress, for taking notes when watching the videos and listening to podcasts, and for keeping all your thoughts in one place as you embark on this journey to minimize your waste and possessions. There will be weekly writing exercises and it can be useful to have a notebook with you at the grocery store while you are creating new shopping habits.


Books : As a part of divesting my money from big corporations, I try not to buy anything from Amazon, and always check to buy used books.

Movies : Not all the movies I recommend are available for free, unfortunately. Some you have to "rent" direct from the filmmaker or YouTube, or have a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or some other streaming service. My advice is to make it a movie night with friends or family if you want to split the cost of rental, or cozy up with one of your friends who has the type of account you need ;)

Talks : These are great to listen to if you have a long commute, while you are on a walk in nature, or while you are stretching. Have your notebook + pen nearby, these episodes are filled with golden nuggets of wisdom!


I attended Corinne’s Zero Waste Class because I want to take more responsibility and stop living in denial around the actions I take and how they impact the planet. This has been important to me for a while, but I felt I had plateau-ed on my own and was looking for new ways to take agency. Corinne’s class was FULL of useful information and very practical recommendations for reducing waste in daily life. From small steps to large, she presented a wide spectrum of helpful tips. What I loved most is that I was able to take action beginning that very day. In the last month or so since her class, my partner and I have made so many small changes that have not only reduced the waste we create significantly, but saved money, and decreased our exposure to endocrine disrupting toxins like those in plastic. I’m so grateful for the new information I learned, how it has transformed my life, and to Corinne for offering such a necessary class.” - Alyssa A

"I like to call Corinne the Compassionate Unvelier. She lovingly supports people to remove the veils in their life in order to see themselves and the world more authentically. Her enthusiastic Virgo organizational powers made my physical closet shine, and my internal closet burst with new joy. Corinne helped me begin my Zero- Waste journey with a creative spirit and inspired a revolution in my life of REALLY loving all that I own while better understanding what I ACTUALLY need." -Clairey

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts

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