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Hi there~ We are Corinne and Larissa, identical twin sisters and best friends for life! Our whole lives, we have shared a love for creativity, imagination, and artwork in all its forms. Raised on comics, sketchbooks, video games, cartoons, novels, and epic stories both real and imagined, we developed our skills, our passions, and our general geekiness at an early age. These days, we both work full-time day jobs and finding the time or the energy for our artwork and writing projects is much more difficult than it used to be. That's why our natural tendency toward collaboration works so well!

Patreon is a great place for supporting the creators we already enjoy! It's also a great place for us to share our artwork with other people. Some of our biggest joys in life are to be able to create and to encourage other creative people. Your pledge, no matter how small, will absolutely help us do those things! Having that backing and support assists so much. It helps focus us, excite us, and motivate us to keep doing the things we love. Also, any amount of financial support helps us manage our debts and living expenses, which is pretty nice!

Our Patreon is set up to charge our patrons right away when they make a pledge and then the first of every month following. Because of that, you might want to wait until the beginning of the month to pledge at the larger tiers! 
Patreon is completely non-commital! You can pledge for any number of months (or less than a month) and then cancel your pledge for any reason. That's totally fine! You can decide how much you want to pledge, how long you want to pledge or not to pledge anything at all. We still appreciate you very much~!

Besides the usual convention art and projects (charm designs, posters, buttons, etc), we also work on more personal art projects, such as DnD character designs or content that's just a little bit more mature than we want to post on a public forum. Here are a few of our major, ongoing projects that you'll be able to watch our progress on at certain tiers:

  • Wu Xing webcomic (Patrons will get all releases two whole weeks before the rest of the world!)
  • Yokai chibi series
  • Dakimakura/Body Pillows
  • Ashes of Dawn novel series

Whether you decide to make a pledge or not, we want you to know that we are so grateful that you took the time to stop by for a visit. If nothing else, we hope that you find some content in our public posts that you enjoy! Thank you so much~

Before you go, please be sure to check out the rewards that we would love to offer you for your support!

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It's a small goal, but it means so much! We can't tell you how grateful we are for every single one of you who helped us get to this point! As thanks, we will continue to provide content as consistently as possible! Thank you so much for your support!
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