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About Corneilius Crowley

Hello there...

I am a musician, a songwriter, a performer and a writer by vocation and inclination.

My day to day concern is with what a natural, bio-logically healthy culture might look like, in terms of behavioural dynamics.

What I observe from biology aka the natural world is that all species present with evolved behavioural dynamics that allow the species to thrive, and that these dynamics are inter-related and inter-connected with all other species, and together they appear to be about nurturing the shared environment, resulting in increasing fecundity,  in ways that are largely sustainable. We are a social species, we co-operate as part of how we thrive best.

This culture, the hierarchy of power culture, is a distortion of that. It ain't healthy. Democracy as we know is not healthy.

Imagine Capitalism without bullying. That is a thought experiment I like to play with. Imagine any of the dynamics of this culture without bullying.

What would Religion look like?

What would Education look like?

What would gender relations look like?

What would that look like?

I prefer to rely upon evidence rather  belief, I trust data more than opinion, I feel that we. the human species, are here to nurture rather than to conquer.

I live frugally, I devote most of my waking hours to this task. I have been performing music since I was 18.  It is easy to do what I love. 

I need some help with supporting myself in this work as I wish to write, complete and publish a book - 'Natural Child, Natural Society: based on the perception that both are cause and effect' and continue to make music and share it for free. I would like to do gigs and talks on-line as a way to gather support for me, and the work I am doing.

If you can help me achieve that , that would be just cool as...

I am 60 years of age, and I feel as present as I ever did.

My blog is :

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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