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$1 /mo
Adblock Guilt: I know nobody likes ads and some people are always going to use adblock, that's perfectly ok as long as you enjoy my videos but consider that 1.00 a month would be l...

$5 /mo
Stone Supporter: For this I will mention you in an episode on my channel, to personally thank you for supporting me!

$10 /mo
Iron Supporter: I will make a video on anything you would like to know, about photoshop
+ all previous rewards

$15 /mo
GOLD Supporter: Welcome to the gold club baby, Here you can have the download link early. also you can have a shout out at the end of the video to rub in them other guys face XD
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$20 /mo
DIAMOND Supporter: So you like bling huh? at the diamond level you will receive my personal email where you can contact me with any of your direct suggestions or questions!
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$50 /mo
EMERALD Supporter: Holy mother of villager batman, so you think you're the guy huh? guess what, BAM you're the guy, at this level you can have access to my personal skype for an in...

$100 /mo
LEGEND Supporter:So being the guy wasn't enough for you huh!? ok, let's get down to business, for your crazy support of 100$! we can record a video together and I'll upload it on m...