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About Corta

   Problems here? I've also got a page on SubscribeStar!   
Currently working on: Male characters for an original RPG
Project overview [Aug 9th]
                  Lewd System [Aug 17th] Part.2 [Sep 6th]

Beta uploads will be posted here first.
[ Check out the archives for more! ]

Last finished project: Fuck Your Champion (v1.8.5) [27th of July]
~ a League of Legends "romance" sim. thanks to Govvan for collabing with me!

|- Recent Games:
[Exclusive Paypal Bootleg] ~ a special minigame for all of my generous paypal tippers <3
[Black Hole Gloryhole] ~ Mass Effect meets meet-n-fuck in this unofficial revamp. credits to them.
[Clixposing Samus Bootleg] ~ a combination of two games, both courtesy of GSpervert.
[Fuck your champion] ~ a League of Legends "romance" sim. credits to Govvan as the original creator and collab partner.

|- Old Projects:
I do some -slightly- more original works, too
[Corta's character template] is my bootleg sprite-sheet of playshape's models with a huge amount of community and personal artwork. currently being used by several developers like the simbro team, but my assets are no longer open-source and we are in no way connected.
[Corta'SPLATFORMER] a (discontinued) alpha-build combat-platformer
fun while it lasted, but only good for it's gallery really.. :\
[3d pit] a short 3D stint I did in poser. neat, but not for me.

|- Game Mods:
yup. I play stuff, too.. and sometimes I'll make stuff while I'm there.
._ Skyrim mods: (hosted on LoversLab)
(Dark knight and paladin de-clad) a mod for a mod.
(Roguish Mavari armor) outdated. someone made a better one since.
(Hentai Casual Karliah) a bikini mashup, based on armors by hentai.
(Ebony Dragoon) my own spin on ebony armor, using various sources.
._ Darkest Dungeon mods: (on nexus. adult stuff needs login)
(Darkest Desires) naughty camping :)
(Holy Healing Water) healing potions, finally!
._ Other mods:
aChat - (Corta's Couture) my art submissions
Haydee - (HorizE) a skin mash-up (on LoversLab)
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