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The Fire in my Loins

$1 /mo
Essentially, is a super like and shows you're a real supporter even if you can't offer a lot of money.  

This tier will give you access to my brain storms, because not everything posted here wil...


Tri-harder Teir

$3 /mo
Yet another affordable option for fans!

You get all the 'Fire in my Loins' as well as pre-releases and brain storms! Along with progress sneak peaks of sketches and line art before it is release...


$5 Footlong

$5 /mo
You get...PROLONG EYE CONTACT..PROLONG EYE CONTACT...You get everything from the above tiers, along with your input on polls will take precedence over others in the tiers above.

The Ultimate Package

$10 /mo
10% off of commissions along with, after 3 months of the Ultimate Package, a Backer Card! What is a backer card? A Backer Card is a card that gets you entered in future drawings for prizes and self...