Cosmic Funnies is creating an animated series

The Sun

$1 /mo
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The Terrestrial Planets

$3 /mo
  • Have your name listed on the Cosmic Funnies patreon page
  • See content a day before it is available to the public
  • Process and behind-the-scenes access
  • All previously listed rewards!

The Jovian Planets

$6 /mo
  • Exclusive backgrounds for computers and phones
  • Input on upcoming themes and comic ideas
  • All previously listed rewards!

The Solar System

$10 /mo
  • Receive a Cosmic Stickies sticker set!
  • A small cosmic commission (of yourself as a cosmic entity, your favourite planet, or otherwise)
  • All previously listed  rewards!

The Milky Way

$25 /mo
  • An item from the Cosmic Funnies shop (pillow, calendar, etc.) bimonthly
  • All previously listed rewards!

The Cosmos

$45 /mo
  • Recieve an ebook version of the latest Cosmic Funnies book
  • A graphic tee of your choice!
  • All previously listed rewards!
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