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About Cosmic Kitty

---Looking for the download links? Scroll down!---

No pre-rendered content! All girls, gameplay and sex scenes are rendered in real time! Every little animation happens right before your eyes for your delight!

Hi there, you can call me CosmicKitty! Welcome to my Patreon page, where you'll see your dreams come true in adult game form!

I love lewd games but I feel they could have a little more fun, don't you think? Well, I have A LOT of experience in making games and so I decided to make one and see what you guys think!

Enough with the foreplay. Let's see what this is all about!

Cosmic Cuties

"If Nintendo was making a lewd game, this would be it!"

I'll start by showing off my very first lewd game, Cosmic Cuties! These fearless copilots will do whatever it takes to help you destroy enemy ships in your path, and their adventures have no limits!

Meet The Girls

  • Lola is such a smart-ass! Top of her class, even though she's only 5 feet tall, Lola gets excited every time she hits an enemy. 
  • Mia is a great copilot. With her daring personality, she'll go the extra mile to bring victory to the team.
  • Daisy, well, don't be fooled by her name! An athletic 5'9", she would kill her enemies with her bare hands.
  • Holly is not the smartest crayon in the box, but is she talented! A copilot with skills one can never forget.


"Come for the cuties, stay for the fun."

Choose your favorite copilot to defend the galaxy. That's where the game starts. Fight various enemy ships to boost your girl's love level & horniness! But pay close attention to your ship's fuel. Killing enemies and flying is hard work and consumes your energy. You'll have to look for fuel cells dropped by some of the enemies to keep your ship afloat!

Destroying enemy ships will give you some points in Sexuality, Talent, Flirtation, and Romance. Now here's the catch! Each one of the cuties absolutely LOVES one of these things, likes two of the others, but HATES one. It's up to you to get to know your girl and figure it all out!

I'm starting out with lewd game dev, so the very first version of the game will have only one girl, and I'll add the others as soon as I can see that this is really happening and you guys are enjoying it. That will allow me to dedicate more time developing and adding nice perks!

I hope you have loads of fun playing my game!

Oh, before you go, I want to say THANK YOU for supporting my work! I love making games, and this really means a lot to me! Being endorsed for doing what I love feels great! Also, here's the download link, have fun ;)
See you soon!

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Reaching $500 per month means that you like my game as much as I do. What could be better than that? At this point, I'll focus harder on it and create more features for you guys to enjoy.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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