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About Cosmic Wolf

Hello everybody! 
My name is Bianca, Im a independent artist from Brazil and now Im working on my own webcomic, called Supernova Squad!
Im working very hard every day, to bring you a new page every week, keeping the art quality in each of them (:
Any help would be appreciated, since art is what is my only job <3 

Supernova Squad is a Fantasy webcomic, inpired by mahou-shoujo and D&D adventures, where my star characters are responsible for our supercluster safety. At this first mission a team designed by Princess Andromeda,is sent to earth to retrieve few lost artifacts and to seek for clues to find stars that are missing!

Im counting on you <3

You can read the comic at tapastic or webtoon!



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When I reach $80 per month, I'll rifle a full body sketch comission every month
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