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I am @KristAlcazar, videogames teacher and freelance designer and coder. I want to create @CosmitoGames to accomplish my dream of creating unique and funny experiencies.

On this "solo dev experience" I have found resources and tricks that can help you to optimize your work. It will be interesting to know how I make games by myself.

What can you do and get with your patron?

  • Be the first who plays to my games before it goes on the market with an patron exclusive early access. Also as a patron you will get special discounts in my games.
  • If you are very gamer, I will do a monthly draw amoung all patrons who can win a pc/console accessory.
  • Be part of the development with your votes, reviews and advices. Your best ideas will be credited in the game.
  • Watch exclusive videos of current game develoment on youtube and the public videos a day before anyone else. One of my goals will be to create videogame reviews from the developer's focus.
  • Learn the tricks and tips of the #solodev experience. It can be techniques, models, textures or codes.
  • Promote your brand with the sponsor rewards.
  • And above all, support me. Your support will be my great help and I will thank you very much.

Current game: Meal Escape


Meal Escape is a survival/platformer/runner game.

Give a sigh of life to the most representative meals of each country to escape from people who eat too much. You can to put yourself in the shoes of these cute meals, using their own skills, to escape from the restaurants creating all the possible chaos! Because the chaos is fun (and as we will also see, sometimes it is practical).

The stage of the game

This game is in idea stage. Now I am making a playground demo to press and reviewers (before to launch a crowdfunding campaign), and of course you will get a free copy of the playground  demo as a patron. It will be available at the end of March.

We will share all stages of making this videogame. You will have exclusive access to our test builds, suggesting and commenting us to improve the game.

Be part of Meal Escape, we appreciate it very much your help!

Cosmito Jam

I will do a game jam by myself :) every month. All the Cosmito Jam patron can submit their ideas and the Cosmito Developer will vote them. The selected idea will be developed by me in a odyssey of 48 hours. The owner of winner idea will be credited in game. When I finish the game, I will publish it on a platform like Steam or Play Store, depending of the game.

The Cosmito Jam patrons can see all the process by an access of private stream of development.

Cosmito Store

We launched the store to offer you things that you can get and other way for supporting us. If you are a fan of my creations you can buy it in form of shirt, cup or pillow. 

All patrons will get an exclusive discount. You can see the monthly discount code on the Cosmito Friend patron activity.

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What is Patreon?

Patreon is a service where you can pledge to send a regular payment to creators, so they can support themselves and keep making new stuff.

Patreon is better for creators than advertising or sponsorship. The content is 100% uncompromised, payment is more predictable, and creators don't need to stoop to clickbait content or other shady practices.

Patreon means that creators serve their viewers, not advertisers or corporate sponsors. And where the viewers choose what deserves to be made and who deserves a voice.


About the author

Krist Alcazar

I have been a freelance worker for over 10 years doing all kinds of jobs related to digital arts. Now I want to work on my own at the highest level with what I like the most.

Let's make games!!


My digital places: - Twitter - FacebookYoutubeTwitch
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Hey! we are near the beginning, let's grow up making a monthly draw amoung ALL patrons which can win a pc or console accessory valued at $25.
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