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Hello and welcome! 


I'm Lillian, known by a number of aliases, including Smoking Sheep, SmokingSheepArt. I'm the artist equivalent of a fat little gremlin nosily banging on a pot and screeching into the night.

My interests include occultism, horror, curly haired Jewish men, cute sheep, reptiles, Euro beat and Italio disco and a huge list of other junk.

What I'm doin':

I'm working on a comic, Comedy of the Carrion Angels (CoTCA), which can be viewed and read on Comic Fury and Tapas. CoTCA is an occult comic aimed at an 18+ audience, focusing on Jewish themes and Jewish horror, while attempting to marry it with Satanism and mainstream occultism. My goal is to create a story that isn't so black-and-white in it's perspective, but also a more interesting exploration of Jewish themes, identity and symbols that are often portrayed from a Christian view. It's also it's own thing, asides from the heavy occult and religious themes, huge underlying themes are crime, existentialism, family drama and fatherhood.
With your pledge, I can commit to my comic full time.

Goals for the comic:

  1. Entertaining you, the audience, and being able to commit 100%
  2. Merchandise (shirts, stickers, etc.)
Long term goals:
  1. Digital and physical editions 
  2. Animated short (Extremely unlikely, but still something I want to pursue in the future.)
One of my long-term goals is the chance at getting a professional animated short or show, with Lionel voiced by Jonathan Pryce (whom of which I based Lionel off his performance as Mr. Dark in Something Wicked This Way Comes).
While I realize this is an unlikely and possibly unrealistic goal, it's something that I ultimately wish for.

What I'm not:

  • I do NOT want to be a comic artist who takes a 3 year hiatus and never finishes their project.
  • I do NOT want to produce 1 comic page a week, or every few weeks.
  • I do NOT want to spend 2 years on a comic and only have 12 pages done.

What I do want:

  • I DO want to produce at least a chapter a month.
  • I DO want to produce at least 3-5 pages a week.
  • I DO want to dedicate my time to this project.
My current struggles:
My father had a stroke in September 2017, so I have to manage and do a lot of his business (paperwork, taxes, etc.) as well as care for him (cook, maintain the house). This limits my time. I also was diagnosed with GAD and chronic depression in 2015, but need to be tested for OCD and/or bipolar disorder, but cannot due to lack of health insurance. I also need to be tested for PCOS, which I can't do without health insurance either. My main issues are health related and may or may not significantly effect my page output/work pace.

With all this in mind, I hope you will consider supporting the production of COTCA!
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Discord server. You can see page WIPs, sneak peaks, dumb doodles, talk about story shit, etc. or just deal with my constant chattering and song recommendations.
Additional tiers will be added to patreon, including discord roles.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 84 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 84 exclusive posts

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