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About Cotoami Project

Cotoami is a note-taking application for both personal and collaborative use. It has a unique concept and is developed as open source software.

In Cotoami, you post your ideas and thoughts like chatting. The timeline actually has a chatting feature where you can chat with other users sharing the same space.

You would feel free to write anything that comes in your mind. Your posts just flow into the past unless they are pinned:

Then you make connections to enrich your stock (there are two panes side by side representing flow and stock respectvely).

and view a network of knowledge in graph view:

Individual posts are called "Cotos", which is a Japanese word meaning "thing", and there's a special type of Coto called "Cotonoma" (Coto-no-ma means "a space of Cotos"). A Cotonoma is a Coto that has a dedicated chat timeline associated with it. These two concepts are basic building blocks of a knowledge base in Cotoami.

This recursive structure makes Cotoami incredibly powerful, while keeping it simple.

You can use Cotoami on your smartphone and tablet as well.

If you become a patron to Cotoami Project, you'll immediately get an account of the official Cotoami server where you can create unlimited private Cotos and Cotonomas.

About the official Cotoami server:

  • It's fully managed by us.
  • The database is periodically backed up.
  • You can export your data anytime in the format of JSON which can be imported to another Cotoami server.
  • There are member-only Cotonomas where you can post questions to us and discuss with other users.

If you are completely new to Cotoami, we recommend following the twitter account ( and trying out the demo server ( before considering becoming a patron.

The creator of Cotoami
Daisuke Morita (@marubinotto)

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