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Coach Seating

$1 / month
The seating isn't lavish put it still gets you where your going. We love all our Frequent Flyers no matter how little you can afford. With Coach Seating you will get a shout out on an episode and our forever gratitude. 

Business Class

$5 / month
You get a few perks when you buy Business Class. Not just the ability to board first or a free soft drink. With Business Class you will receive an autographed 8x10 photo of the Captains as well as access to our private Couch Pilots (invitation only) Facebook group.  Of course you will also receive the rewards from Coach Seating as well. 

First Class Seating

$10 / month
Now your starting to live it up. Go ahead, treat yourself to a more spacious seat, a warm blanket, and free cocktails and snacks. Along with the previous tier rewards you will also get an EXCLUSIVE episode of Couch Pilots that will never be posted to the general public. You will also get to pick a pilot for us to watch or you can choose to pick a guest for us to have on a flight with us!




per month
$10.68 of $120 per month
We are hoping to reach our first goal of $120.00. We would like to get either get some merch (stickers, koozies, or Tshirts) that we can provide to our listeners. This money would also help offset some of the costs involved with the production of the show. 
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