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Gas station coffee tip out that says" Hey, I wanna support you but, I got bills, ya know?! At least you'll stay caffeinated" Every little bit helps and I appreciate it! Patreons in this tier will get a hand drawn post card sent to their house one time.
XL side of fries
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.16 Cents a day gets you just the online comics (Couch Surfer Comix and This week in Plastic)! No hard copy. No I Feel Weird or commission spam. just some good ol' fashioned internet funnies. Well, Hawwwwttt dawagg!
I Like Food. Food tastes good.
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This tier keeps me fed while I wander state to state in the van. This is basically like buying me a veggie burger or Chipotle burrito once a month. For the price of one meal a month, you can enjoy weekly comics, commission sneak peeks and, progress pages on I Feel Weird #4-#12. You'll get a postcard once a month sent from wherever I'm hailing from at the time with updates on how things are going.




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About Haleigh Buck

Hello! I Started up ( another!) Patreon after it being requested from so many of you lovely people. I'm a comic artist/  based out of Baltimore Maryland. You might know me already from my Comic I Feel Weird. Which is an auto bio comic about my attempt to get better after trying to commit suicide in late 2015. Or, maybe you know me from my comic Herman the Hot Dog. If that is the case, i'm sorry. Recently I've done a ton of flyers for bands, magazines and zines like razorcake and Tiny Report #5. I have also been apart of several mini comics/anthologies. This year I got to do my very first ever book reading at Atomic Books ( with the lovely Georgia Webber!). I've been very busy. In fact, so busy that in 2019, I plan on doing a HELLLLLUUUVVVAAALLOOTTTA traveling in my van, so I can better spread the gospel of intensely hatch lined and stippled comics at bookstores/conventions/fests and a few artists residencies. Because of this, I'll have all the time in the world to work on I Feel Weird and re-start weekly ( or perhaps daily?) comics again! I wanted to have this Patreon to help keep me afloat when I have lulls in commissions and in between prints of comics. I just don't want my dog or me to starve to death and hopefully have gas to get me to the next stop. I'll be doing the "art thing" full time and won't have the time ( or even be around) Atomic Books to keep my employment there. So I hope this monthly donation from you will help after I say my goodbyes to Baltimore in mid January 2019. WAY MORE images coming soon.
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If I reach this goal, I don't have to worry about starving to death and can keep up with printing and drawing while on the road. 
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