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Support me and my comic and get:

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About Velinxi

Hello! I'm Xiao Tong Kong, or better known as my online alias "Vel" and I make the webcomic Countdown to Countdown!

What is Countdown to Countdown?

  In the year 2044, “Demifloras”- humans that have developed inhuman abilities, are targeted and harvested for their pricey body parts. Iris Black, a young Demiflora that possesses the special ability to bring drawings to life, is sheltered in a correctional facility that acts as a safe haven for Demifloras. Punished and outcasted by his peers for his inability to suppress his powers, he yearns to find himself a space where he can use his powers freely. His chance comes one night when a daring outsider sneaks into the lab.

  "Countdown to Countdown" is a webcomic about identity and self acceptance! The comic will follow the protagonist Iris Black in a traditional graphic novel style with video game elements like "Save files", "inventories", etc implemented into the story. You can read the comic as well as the original 2015-2019 version archived on the CTC website.

The Goal Here:

I've been devoting most- if not all of my free time to making this comic. Though my comic is free to read, donations or pledges through my Patreon here are very much appreciated to help keep Countdown to Countdown free-to-read as well to keep it an ongoing series! By pledging to my Patreon, you will gain early access to CTC pages, WIPs, and my undying gratitude!

Rewards Include:

  • Early access to CTC pages
  • High resolution artwork
  • Behind the scenes of the CTC universe
  • WIPs and sketches

Thank you for reading and supporting Countdown to Countdown in any way! Iris is eternally grateful to you for helping him continue his hectic journey.
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An artbook will be published.
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