Thomas is creating The Count It All Joy Show

$1 /mo
$0.25 an episode! You get a hand-written thank-you note from Thomas for your awesome contribution to our show!

$5 /mo
Tract Distributor
$1.25 an episode! You are added to Pastor Brown's devotional e-mail list, where he sends weekly, well, devotionals, for your edification and enjoyment!
Also all previous rewards.

$10 /mo
Table Talk Attendee
$2.50 an episode! Come join Pastor and Thomas for a monthly Google hangout, where we might talk theology. Or we might talk about some completely ran...

$20 /mo
Indulgence Burner
$5 an episode! Let Rome hear your voice! At this level you get a say in where the show goes next. Your vote and the vote of others at this level will determine...

$100 /mo
$25 an episode! You will have your name (and website, if desired) read off of our supporter's list at the end of every episode, and get all previous rewards as well.
Also all previous rewards.