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Encouragement: Keep going Sana!

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  • You are awesome. Thank you for supporting me. I look forward to being able to improve the podcasts because of your contribution. 
  • You will be notified in advance when the first three podcasts will be released - for your ears to hear first! I produce 6 episodes per series, 18 across the year. 
  • You will receive updates on what is happening in the world of Courage Unravelled. You won't be bombarded, I promise. 
  • 10% discount off The Courage Journal when bought directly from the website Use 'patreon supporter'
  • Early access

Help me cultivate courage Sana!

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While you are helping me pay for costs relating to podcasting (there is more than meets the eye!) you are letting me know you are a committed patron of Courage Unravelled as you get to access ALL six episodes in a series  (there are 3 series per year) AND get a special discount on The Courage Journal. 

Also enjoy receiving news and info on events. You won't be bombarded, I promise.

I am grateful for this as you are letting me continue to create and contribute to your and other people's personal development and well being. This means a lot. 

P.S - this is our family dog Harper. A beautiful pooch who is learning to step into his courage.
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  • 10% off Courage Journal and related products - website order only

The Colourful Flamingo!

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This is truly fantastic. It is both inspiring and motivating to know you are committed to making positive changes in your business or life. You are on your way to being a courageous flamingo!

In return not only do you receive what the other two tiers are offered but for the equivalent of one coffee per week you ALSO get:

1. a shout out during a podcast series (when you are a supporter for a minimum of 3 months)
2. one exclusive group chat per quarter where we talk on a courage-based theme. 
I will supply the actual dates for this and let you know. These sessions will take place Western Standard Time. 
3. behind the scenes RAW content to three episodes. Listen to interviews before they are edited. You may be surprised at what you hear!
4. 10% off one-to-one coaching with me or when you sign up to the Grow into my Courage program available via

P.S - being a courageous flamingo means you really want positive change to happen in your life. Cultivate your courage muscle by showing your colours!
  • Early access
  • Live chat
  • Patron shout-out
  • 10% off The Courage Journal and related products - order directly from the website
  • Behind-the-scenes content




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About Courage Unravelled

Courage Unravelled is where you can come to be inspired to cultivate and flex your courage muscle. Listen to podcasts (six episodes per series) and grab yourself The Courage Journal via to activate your courage muscle and sustain it over the long term. There is so much to gain by doing this. Courage is the platform which helps build confidence, self-esteem, grit, resilience and strength. All the qualities for a wonderful meaningful life. 
Get ready to change your own life!
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When I achieve $2500, I can hire a dedicated sound and production person to help me with professional editing for 12 months. 
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