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About Court Games

The fortunes smile upon us today, traveler of the Emerald Empire...

If you found this patreon it's most likely because something we've made has helped you become more immersed in FFG's L5R products or community, and we couldn't be more proud to make such an impact!

What is Court Games?
A Podcast, a Website, a Community. Court Games is a collective of all things L5R, in one central place. We aim to become the go-to source for new fans to get immersed into the setting, for old hats to reminisce, and for anyone to get a pulse on the community's events and culture.

Listen to the podcast or reach out to the hosts:

Email: [email protected]
Discord: - Look for #CourtGames-talk

What is the purpose of this Patreon?
Unfortunately the work we're doing costs a bit of money.
  • Each podcast show cost $80/month for editing as long as we keep to a 30-45 minute episode. 
  • Hosting costs $5/month, but Auphonic (a program we use for mastering audio) is about $10/month.
  • Combined, webhosting and plugins we pay for are $30/month
  • We also pay $5/month for our Mee6 bot on discord which hosts various custom command and reaction emoji role management.
Altogether, the low amount totals to $210, and that's before we start into the Actual Play space.

Projects in progress:
  • We hope to begin transcribing our podcast episodes, including Actual Play. It would cost us $10/month for an subscription which is 50% accurate, but we would love to hire a transcriber. The average on Fiverr is $1 per minute of audio, so a lowball of $30 per episode (total $120 per show per month). We could also look at the potential of opening our Otter account to volunteers to help with revising transcriptions, paying them .50 cents per minute. (just since half the work is done by Otter) Work would also get easier as we build the library of language to have more Rokugani terms in it.
  • We hope to move into the Youtube and Twitch space! This would mean hosting our podcast audio on Youtube. We found a service that would do that for us for $30/month total. Eventually we would want to include closed captioning (Otter helps with that).
  • We hope to add sound effects and background music to the Actual Play, which is just $15 a month if we're going with EpidemicSound. Including sound effects would also increase the amount we'd have to pay the editor per episode. We don't have an estimate for that just yet.
  • Longterm, We would eventually want to make sure our hosts have quality recording equipment. A fantastic mic is $75, headphones are $80, a nice pop filter is $10, and a nice adjustable mic stand is about $17 (totalling 182 per host)
  • We would also like to either improve our existing projects or step into even more creative projects, this may include subscribing to Adobe ($52/month) and commissioning creatives in the community. But we believe this could also lead to more various digital Patron rewards.
What are some benefits of being a backer?
  • Access to bonus episodes and early screenings of the Podcast episodes.
  • Get your questions answered with a shout-out during our episodes.
  • No slowdown during AMAs.
  • Help directly shape the future of CourtGames, let your voice be heard!

Thank you for your consideration! We hope to see you around, but for now:

For Honor!

For Glory!

For Rokugan!
$170.63 of $210 per month
We can now afford our website and editing weekly for both RPG and LCG!

This amount of support should allow us to consistently afford editing, increased storage volume for Pinecast, as well as the boost in quality we gain by utilizing for our mastering. This also includes what we're paying currently for the website and its plugins.
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