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About courtney

Hey fam,

Thanks for being here, I appreciate you and I am excited to move + grow with you!

About me:
I am a poet, yoga teacher, strength and conditioning coach, builder; a product of my own creation. My soul craves variety and new challenges. I am currently doing van life. You can expect to see me creating on the road. I hope this encourages you that my workouts can be done anywhere with no equipment needed. I did lead 1:1 personal training, group fitness and yoga in Portland, OR for the last 5 years. I have a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and worked at a Physical Therapy clinic as a PT aide throughout college. I grew up with movement, being a gymnast for 11 years. Having suffered a bad spinal injury that took 10 years to rehab  (yoga was a big turning point), I fell in love with mindful movement and doing what feels good and my physical mantra, " you don't move it, you lose it.:" I love the human body, mind + movement. 

My Why:
This change of season in our world has been tough - I have lost most of my income + have not been 1:1 personal training, teaching group exercise, guiding yoga or indulging in my own gym outlets. It has been a process to adapt to at home workouts over these last few months and I have grown to appreciate being able to move wherever I am at in the moment.

I have seen others lose work and watched the world not adapt to these financially difficult times. This collective struggle has opened my heart to break down my original barriers of high dollar gym memberships + training packages and create a platform that is more accessible to everyone.

Access to wellness + movement is important and should be easily available and affordable. I want my membership options to be a reflection of what I can afford myself. I have spent the last 5+ years working at gyms and studios that I can't even afford myself. I want to break down the $$$ price tag on our health and wellness. I hope you find something here for you and can move + sweat + grow with me.

My Patreon:
My fitness classes are 25-30 minute high intensity interval workouts (HIIT), but don't let 'intensity' scare you. There are layers for everyone in my classes and it is important to always meet yourself where you are at and keep going. HIIT is a method of targeted fat burning exercise + time effecient (quick + dirty!) work.

My yoga classes are 25-30 minutes with a focus on vinyasa (flow) yoga and breath work.

Whatever your individual goal may be, I will always lean into the bigger picture that any + all movement is medicine. Have fun with the workouts + yoga and be patient with yourself along your own journey. We got this!

Always feel free to connect with me deeper, say hello - share with me what you are working on amongst all things, fitness, yoga, meditation, creativity, music, writing, building, van life - I want to hear it. Let's have some real life conversations.

I will be checking in often and helping you get moving as much as I can! I have a strong background in exercise science and personal training and I am happy to help + support you how I can. 

I love that I can communicate and connect with you on this platform. Much love, brothers and sisters.

Let's get sweaty!

Courtney Leigh, CSCS, RYT 
18 of 50 patrons
When I reach 50 patrons I will host a LIVE Fitness Event!
This event will be a HIIT + Yoga + Meditation Triathlon:

25 minutes HIIT
25 minute Yoga
10 minute guided Meditation

60 minutes of sweat + movement + mindfulness, I can't wait!!!


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 112 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 112 exclusive posts

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