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Cove AKA Cōvergeist 家庭家族가족 is an artist from the Mile High City of Denver, his contributions to the world of music art and acting has left a lasting impression upon the Heartland of America. Born Justin Cover Dunning, Cōvergeist gets his artist name from his grandmother’s maiden and married name, (Cover and Geist respectively). His debut album, Zombies Vampires and Taylor Swift Oh My!!! has achieved national notoriety and has generated tens of thousands of digital plays and downloads. It showed inventiveness and a freewheeling spirit using popular subject matter, classic rock and roll, punk, and a truly americana spirit. Cōvergeist started his music career at the infamous Quad Studios, working his way up from intern to Key Holder, where he was introduced to great artists such as Taylor Swift, Juvenile, Dolly Parton, and My Chemical Romance. Additionally, he is known for his childhood acting career which featured many memorable and laughable roles including: runner up as Beaver in “Leave It to Beaver”, Chrysler Convertibles, and even a Power Rangers Underwear Commercial. As for future acting, Cōvergeist replies: “I would love to work in Hollywood again when the timing is right.”His latest record, One More Night is a natural outcome of his maturing style featuring a slew of rock guitar work featuring some of the most rare and original guitars, gigantic drum sounds, fantastic production,and throw backs to classic blues based rock and roll and doo-wop. All of this is thrown together with a brutal honesty that is becoming a feature of Cōvergeist’s style.

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