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Nothing fancy at this level, but anyplace where all Patrons are shown, you will be displayed. Also, any bonus content or extra content that occurs, you'll be the first to see it or receive it.
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Wow, give this and I'll be your friend for life. Also, your input will be heard and ideas used within streams and content.
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Wow, thank you! 

Your ideas should come to life at this level. So message me a few, and I'll work on making at least one of them a reality. 

(note: no discographies. I'm bad enough at those as it is) 




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About Coverkiller Nation

Coverkiller Nation is a youtube channel at its core, but there's SO much content, its crazy. Album reviews, top 10 lists, culture commentary and reaction, 7+ series, and more is being added every day. Its a haven for heavy music fans, but music fans in general can find something that's right up their alley. 

And this is all a one-man operation, and that's where you come in. 

For almost 6 years, the channel has been a love affair of sorts. Done primarily in my spare time and on days off from working in a music store, the channel has since grown much larger than I ever imagined that it would. If you're reading this, you've been a part of that exponential growth and I am thankful. Its now requiring of much more time to keep up with everything and keep everything up and running. Any channel that has a dedicated team based around it would have such problems covered through delegation of duty and the benefit of multiple hands, but running solo also means the duties of research, shooting, performing, editing, distribution, social media upkeep and other minor jobs have all been mine. So better or worse, what you see is one man's absolute obsession with music and his fanbase. 

I hate asking for help. I've never been good at it, and feel like its means I've failed. But for the content to continue to flow, for everything to keep going, I am certainly in need of your help. 

Aside from the obvious cost of time spent, there are costs associated with the upkeep of equipment, or the sore need for some upgrades to improve quality. 

Most of all, I guess I am just very hopeful that I've delivered a show for you guys that's worthy of a few bucks a month. The editing may not always be smooth, but hopefully its worth at least $1. A real fear of mine is that I'm wasting your time with the content and that would be true failure. 

My aim will be to give patrons access to critical components of content creation from time to time. Higher level patrons may also get the option to get in on the action and be featured in some of the content. I'd also be open to giving advice or aide to those attempting their own endeavors. I'm really at a loss as to what else I could offer, but if something else comes to mind, I'll post an update. 

For 24 Hours of CKN events, patrons would be able to post their ideas for content and have them made. If there are too many, and time doesn't allow for them to happen during the event, they'll be released at a later point. Nothing will be ignored if you're a patron. 

If any sort of unique theme week or weekend is run, Patrons will be in the drivers seat through polling as to what should be done. 

In short, being a patron puts you in control more than ever before! 

I thank you for your contribution, and will see you around! 
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Monthly 6 Hour Streams! 

Streaming for you guys is an absolute pleasure. So at this level, we will have one stream a month that is a 6 hour MARATHON stream. But that won't be all the streaming we do, it'll be a day where we do something special amid all the other days. Usually I stream once a week, if we make it to this level, I'll aim to do it more. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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