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Tier 1: Every little bit helps!

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Thank you for donating!!  Your pledge is going directly to help cats in need!


  • Access to Patreon Feed, including our upcoming cosplay plans!
  • Bonus cute photos of our cat cosplay "assistants"
  • Chat access
Includes Discord benefits

Tier 2: Sneak Peeks & Early Access

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Get access to our wig and cosplay tutorials way ahead of time, plus extra progress photos and detailed technique writeups about our current projects!


  • All previous rewards
  • Instagram stories shout-out when you join or move up tiers
  • Detailed progress & technique photos as we work on our cosplays
  • Early access to all of our cosplay tutorials
  • Receive behind the scenes photos from our cons and shoots
Includes Discord benefits

Tier 3: Bonuses for Tutorial Lovers

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Love tutorials or want even more detailed instructions?  Pick this tier to access even more information and even help pick which tutorials we write.


  • All previous rewards
  • Access to drafted patterns that we've created
  • Access to live Q&A chat once a month
  • Access to higher level Discord channels
  • Access to tips and mini tutorials.
  • Fabric breakdowns and shopping lists for our costumes
  • Access to a giant folder of progress photos for our new cosplays 
  • Receive a Portfolio/Costume Review upon joining
Includes Discord benefits



About Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay

Hello, everyone, and thank you so much for visiting our page! We are a cosplay couple known as Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay, and for 15 years we've been creating gowns, armor, and extreme wigs.

This Patreon is a little special - our rewards are exclusively geared toward helping you level up your cosplay! By joining you can access even more tutorials, wig walkthroughs, personalized one-on-one cosplay help, and even commission slots. 

But our biggest goal is to donate 100% of all pledges to cat-related rescues, through our pet project 
Cosplayers for Cats

Cosplay is our passion but not not our profession - for us this hobby has always been about creating, having fun, and helping the cosplay community grow. So instead we want to use our favorite hobby to help our favorite cause - pledging to one of our tiers directly helps cats in need, and also helps us create even more content to help benefit other cosplayers!

Want to learn but can't necessarily donate?  You can also click the "FOLLOW" button in the upper left to access all of our free posts and free tutorials!  We'll be adding more and more free stuff here, in order to give our followers a way to see our content in real time without social media algorithms getting in the way!

Free Stuff? Free Stuff!!

Because of Social Media's algorithm problems, we want to begin adding more and more free content to a site that lets our followers get our updates in realtime. To subscribe to our photo posts and free tutorials, click the "Follow" button in the upper left corner or check out the "Free Posts" tag!! If you're looking for even more goodies, keep reading below to see what you can receive from our tiers.

What kind of content can I expect?

We spend a lot of time creating cosplay with high levels of craftsmanship in mind - a lot of our projects involve corsets, gowns, detailed worbla armor, electronics, and gravity-defying wigs. We also spend a lot of time detailing our progress so that our followers can follow along, and you can find many examples of our tutorials in the Free Posts tag or over here on our Tumblr. Later this year we also hope to publish an ebook on wigworking, complete with many new tutorials for beginner and intermediate wig stylists, with all of the proceeds funneling back to Cosplayers for Cats.

This Patreon is a way for you to follow along even closer with our construction process, and even receive one-on-one advice if you have a big project that you need some guidance on. Tutorials can take a lot of time to make, and pledging lets us know that our work is important to you!

Why charity?  Why cats?

We just really, really love cats. (The name "Cowbutt Crunchies" comes from our two oldest girls!) We're always looking for new ways to give back to the cosplay community, and Patreon is a great way to both help out other cosplayers while donating to a good cause.

Here's the rewards you'll have access to, as our thank you for donating:

Tier 1 - $1/month.  Every little bit helps!
  • We'll be matching your donation through Cosplayers for Cats to help animal-related organizations!
  • Access to Paetron Feed, including our upcoming cosplay plans!
  • Chat access.
  • Bonus cute photos of our cats "helping" with cosplay projects!

Tier 2 - $5/month.  Sneak peeks and early access
  • All previous rewards.
  • Instagram stories shout-out when you join or move tiers (please provide your IG handle if you'd like this linked!)
  • Early access to all cosplay tutorials.
  • Detailed cosplay progress photos, along with extra info about the techniques we're using.
  • Behind the scenes photos from our cons and photoshoots.

Tier 3 - $10/month.  Bonuses for tutorial lovers.
  • All previous rewards.
  • Access to live Q&A chat once a month about our current cosplay projects and their construction techniques. Pick up some tips for your own cosplays!
  • Craft Chat Duo streams on Instagram - join in and video stream along with us!
  • Access to a giant folder of progress photos for our new cosplays
  • Fabric breakdowns and shopping lists for our costumes.
  • Access to drafted pattern pieces that we've created.
  • Portfolio/Costume Review!  Looking for some judging-like feedback on a certain cosplay, or looking for suggests for how to flesh out your skills?  Send us photos of a cosplay or your recent work, and we'll provide some constructive feedback!
  • Suggest a tutorial!  Followers in this tier will get the short list of tutorials we're considering writing, and you guys help us decide which one(s) to make. Vote on which tutorials you'd like to see this month, and give us suggestions to add for next time!
  • Access to micro tips and mini tutorials. We'll never lock down our bigger, general tutorials, but we'll regularly update followers in this tier with extra mini tutorials and tips we pick up as we craft. For instance - did you know there's a trick to keeping your worbla sandwich from popping apart? Neither did I until recently!

Tier 4 - $15/month.  One-on-one cosplay help.
  • All previous rewards.
  • One-on-one cosplay help sessions to answer all your questions (1 hr each month)
  • Social media follow so that we can keep an eye on your projects
  • A personalized tutorial. Pick any topic we're familiar with and we'll write it!
  • A free cosplay item or wig from our stash of older cosplays.  If you're up for paying for shipping, it's yours!
  • First dibs on any cosplay items we have for sale.

Tier 5 - $30/month.  Ultimate rewards.
  • All previous rewards.
  • 1-on-1 cosplay help all of your projects. Ask as many questions as you'd like, whenever you'd like!
  • A customized cosplay plan for your next project. We'll give you our best suggestions for what patterns and materials to use, how to construct it, and what order you should plan in!
  • A signed 4x6 print or sticker mailed to you once a month (Available for USA folks; international folks, we'll chat about shipping!)
  • A custom wig or simple cosplay design quick-sketch.
  • After two months of donations, receive a free photoshoot at an upcoming convention

It's a big goal for our Cosplayers for Cats project to succeed, and we're really hoping that the idea catches on!  Please spread the word if you can, and we really hope you guys enjoy the tier rewards offered here!

Cosplayers for Cats main site:
Many thanks to Eleventhphotography, Ken AD Photography, b00uw4ore692, MineralBlu Photography, Odin's Iris Photography, パラパラ Productions for the above photography.
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Help us hit this number and we'll add even more rewards to our existing tiers.
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