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  • You have our sincerest thanks. We honestly do appreciate so much that you are supporting us and our shows.

Roll20 Phandelver Adventurer level

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Late Night D&D Starter set Lost mines of Phandelver Monday nights 800PM-1100PM

I know "The Unlikely Fellowship" loved this one!

"Lost Mine of Phandelver" brings the 2015 ENnie Gold Winning Adventure for Best Production Value, Best Family Game, and Best Publisher (Wizards of the Coast) to the four-time ENnie Gold Winning Best Software, Roll20.

Ideal for a group of 4 to 6 players, "Lost Mine of Phandelver" includes the entire adventure in a digitized format with 5 pre-generated characters, digital game tokens and maps, digital handouts for both Dungeon Masters and players, and the high-powered customization of the Roll20 interface.

This product was designed for use with the Roll20 Official 5E OGL Character Sheet

Next Game Will Be: So Far this is gauging interest, as I haven’t purchased the Roll20 expansion yet.

Total Players Needed: Up to 5 (5 slots still open)

Game Type: Role Playing Game: D&D 

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Audio/Video: Voice only

Primary Language: English 

New Players Welcome: Yes, but please check the Free D&D rules for Adventure league at & Volo’s guide for playing monster races.

Mature Content (18+): Oh Ya! If you are under 18 we need a signed parents consent

Pay to Play:  $5 Phandelver Adventurer level is for this game and yes all Patreon levels for these games will have the proceeds put back into Rll20 for buying more premium content for us to play!

·  All games will be online using Roll20. Players only need the Free version (They have a phone app now too.)

·  Players must have voice via Skype and preferably have video.

·  Players must have headphones

·  These games will not be streamed (but may be recorded and posted to our Patron site for this project and clips may be used to advertise). 

per month
$5 a Month
  • Bi-Weekly Audio Newsletter
  • Your Name on the “Patron Thank You” Page.
  • Access to exclusive patron only shows. Please be aware we only plan one Patron show a month though we randomly go off on a tangent record a show on the fly. We’ll be reviewing or providing commentary to a (probably bad) movie or game. We will send you the link via Patreon messaging around 24 hours before the show.
  • All previous rewards ($1 tier) included.
  • You have our sincerest thanks. We honestly do appreciate so much that you are supporting us and our shows.



About Creative Play and Podcast Network

Hello and Welcome to the Creative Play and Podcast Network! Since 2014, we've been gaming away and working hard to bring you the most comprehensive and entertaining tabletop and roleplaying gaming we can and some special surprises. After a hiatus through most of 2016, we're now back with brand new episodes and we want to bring you even more!
This Network has always been a thought I had to help encompass all our podcasts under one brand. For a handful of years now between our work and your help we've been living that dream of gaming and sharing our passion for games and adventure an I am so thankful for this! I hope for many, many years we will be adding our Real play RPG podcasts, blogs, podcast reviews of things like video, PC, Role Playing and Table top Games. Open thing I really have enjoyed doing are interviews with Cosplay personalities, Writers and various Makers of the makers movement, please take a moment to check out our sites and listen to a few of our episodes. If you enjoy or content please support us by sharing us with your friends and fellow gamers and podcasters!

Ragnarok & Roll, a Scion Hero to Ragnarok story, Our original show of Real Play of Scion the Roleplaying game that started as just the group wanting to keep track of the game when we had breaks in our game for holidays and family events.
D&D Journey of the Fifth edition our Live play podcasts of Dungeons & Dragons, as we play through the published materials and well as our homebrew games like the Lady Knights of Adventure and the Dark Vision Dames. Games do rotate. Creative Play and Podcast Network This is our catch all podcast that has games like Fantasy Flight/Savage Rifts, and many many more one shot and ‘trilogy’ games that we try out and share with you. Also we love going to Conventions and here is where we will share panels and Interviews with different great guests like Sean Patrick Fannon and Madame Askew.
The Creative Play and Podcast Network loves making content and we have a YouTube channel where we like to share things from conventions and some special videos for anniversary games and events, plus the ladies love doing unboxings of various ‘Crates” we subscribe to. One thing for the future that we have talked about is a series of vlogs that focus on Gargoyles, Andromeda, the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon from the 1980s, and different movies with us and occasional guests recording a reaction to each episode. (More Coming soon)

Blog and other Randomness
We know it takes a village to raise an adventurer! So we make our digital home over at CreativePlayandPodcastNetwork.<wbr>com, which serves as a repository for our thoughts, writing, Characters, Game Worlds. reviews, and random gaming stuff.
But that's just the start...With your help, we can add even more content to the Gamer's Tavern! Here's some of the content we have in mind if we're able to expand:
- Join us and some new friends on his weekly board game night around town.
- The Cast and guests have family game day and play family, cartoon, and all-ages themed games.
- We start with a long-form RPG-style video game and play through the entire story from start to finish both classic games and brand new ones on our Youtube channel.
- More D&D Journey of the fifth edition style shows covering different types of games
- Tabletop, Video Games, CCGs, and Wargames (We will remain focused mainly on roleplaying games).

And that's just the projects we're able to talk about so far. We have a lot more in various stages of research and development. What Your Donations Will Do We strive to be open, honest, and above-board with everything we do and that goes double for where your donations go. Your contributions will go to paying for the following:
- Hosting services for the website, audio files, video files, storage & backups, and streaming accounts
- Replacing failing equipment
- Upgrading audio and video equipment
- Licensing of audio, video, and image production software
- Hiring production professionals for editing, graphic design, and other services, yes I would love some help here!
- Payment for the time and efforts of the hosts and producers of our programming, and more M&M’s you know how much the crew loves M&M’s!
- Artwork! I have been wanting to get more artwork for the podcasts and website but to pay an artist what we know they are worth is not easy.

Thanks to our sponsors and previous supporters through other crowdfunding efforts, we have managed to get to the point where we can offer the entertainment product we currently do. But we want to be better and expand and give you even more great content. Each new level of funding we reach gives us more capital to support our infrastructure and bring even more gaming awesomeness to you!

67% complete
If we reach $50 dollars a month, that will cover our web hosting fee's, domain registration and all the rest our costs to keep the website running.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 63 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 63 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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