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Greetings and gratings one and all.

My name is Crank and I have been making noise, absurdo-theater, and various other tactical & impractical forms of lowercase art for nearly three decades. Admittedly, it's not easy to pigeonhole an artist's work into one lump sum. My own slog reads something like a failed circus flier: brimming with tales of dirigible mishaps, bathtub teleconferences, cassette recordings consisting of hiccuping contests, and skits showcasing repurposed office equipment. On top of that there have been countless travels and travails. I discovered a long time ago that being a touring noisemaker can often land oneself in far-flung places...

(A week of guerrilla art errorism. Incubate Festival, Tilburg, NL 2014)

And yet these odd fingerlings do find their way back home to roost, which is one of the reasons why I'm with Patreon. When I'm not out and about (especially these days during the pandemic), I'm busy in the studio - scribbling scores, recording, working on a livestream, and experimenting with video. The underground arts, such as they are, can even happen here - in the boxtop living solutions (aka suburbs) of the USA. And so, I'm hoping that you're reading this because you and I share mutual sensibilities. We understand there's an eerie sort of pact in keeping the underground art communities growing, crowing, and occasionally getting gross; that nurturing experimentalism (of this ilk) helps us stay sane. Even if it's a sweat-soaked cardboard sturgeon mask interrupting the hush-hush stuffed shirts during an art panel, it's still a jab at the membrane. Yup, I am that guy (wearing the mask, I mean).

(Tub-toed Beuys. Buoy Gallery, Kittery, ME 2009)

Being self-funded has enabled me heaps of freedom: to bleep, to bloop, and to upset a few audiences with impunity. In the same breath, it has forced me to operate in ways that occasionally break the bank or get put on hold due to insufficient funds. My goal with Patreon is to create a subscription that operates as both a dialog with patrons, as well as help batten down some of the costs in running the proverbial inflatable sturgeon.

(Husopathy, MEME, Cambridge, MA 2010)

These fees will go towards maintaining my website, the occasional podcast & live stream, as well as art materials (the gamut being everything from jars of ink to blank cassettes, duct tape, violin bows, the list goes on).

(A und V, Leipzig, DE, 2011)

This particular type of Patreon membership is pay-what-you-wish. Every patron will get access to regular uploads of sounds & sneak previews to stuff I'm working on; not to mention, tour schedules (when there's not a pandemic happening), as well as photos, scribbles, collaborations, and videos - all of which will be exclusive to this forum. Wanna see what I'm working on in the shop? You got it. Care to hear the latest contraption loop and sputter for an hour? Not a problem! At the end of the year, patrons on a $5 (or more) monthly subscription will receive a thumb drive (and very likely other tangible goodies) chock-full of what their 12 months of support has helped create! 

(Dreams Are My Reality, D21 Kunstraum, Leipzig, DE, 2016) 

Thanks so much for checking out what I do. I've attached a few more links below.
- Crank

A Buford Whoso
Website: Crank Sturgeon's Home
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Instagram: Short Attention Span

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