Rich Howard, Emily Buza, and Neal Powell are creating Animation and Storytelling Analysis Podcasts

Delta Squad

$2 /mo
  • A personal thank you from us on the air! 
  • Message us your superhero name and power set (Family Friendly please) for our own Whelmed Team Roster!

Gamma Squad

$5 /mo
  • Access to the outlines of our episode-review and "Secret Origins" episodes. Get a glimpse behind the scenes of how our episodes come together!
  • A personal thank you from us on the ...

Beta Squad

$10 /mo

Alpha Squad

$25 /mo
  • Team Alpha members will be entered into an RPG Lottery! FOUR times a year, Neal, Emily, and/or Rich will run an online Superhero-themed roleplaying game session for our Te...


$50 /mo
  • You'll receive your own Team Access Code in the voice of our computer, including a digital copy for your personal use!
  • You'll receive that code when you are interviewed in...