Crass Critters Enamel Pins

is creating A set of three enamel pins featuring 3 marine crass critters




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Welcome to the Crass Critters Enamel Pin Kickstarter! I need your help to bring these three sassy marine mammals to life!
I know what you're thinking, "My mother would love these!" Your mother has impeccable taste.
Tell the world what's up with one (or all three!) of these salty sea life lapel pins. Wear them on a jacket collar, hat or bag.
***All pins come with a custom backing card and black rubber backing.***
***See myInstagramorEtsy Stopfor examples of my completed work***

Initial Goal: The Nirvana Narwhal Hard Enamel Pin, $400 CAN

Bio:This Narwhal moved to the North Pole to live a life of solitude. She disliked the hustle and bustle of cities in the sea. Something about watching the glacial ice chunks flow lazily along brings her great joy. Plus, she no longer has to worry about small talk on public transit 🤫

Stretch Goal: The Serenity Dolphin Hard Enamel Pin, $800 CAN

Bio:The Serenity Dolphin can be found frolicking among the waves at sunset. She proudly boasts she has found inner peace. Her secret? Sometimes she has to say no, and with force. If someone crosses a boundary with this proud porpoise, she'll be sure to let them know. Her delivery might not be all that polite, either 💅

Stretch Goal: TheEnlightenment OrcaHard Enamel Pin,$1200 CAN

Bio:The Enlightenment Orca is the wisest of these crass creatures. She's been around long enough to have developed a kind of benevolent stoicism that only comes with age. She does regret letting the small things get to her in her youth, but those days are far behind her now. She's learned that time is fleeting, and there are only so many fucks to go around ✨
  • Mid-October- Kickstarter start
  • End of October - Kickstarter ends + surveys are sent out
  • End of October- Production order placed
  • Early December- Pins arrive + orders are sent out
Please ensure your address is correct!Standard shipping is through Canada Post anddoes not include tracking.
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Risks and challenges

Possible Risks (Please Read):
Production Delays
Enamel pin production takes an average of 1 month. However, if items arrive damaged or flawed they will need to be replaced. This has unfortunately happened to me before.
Color and designs may vary slightly in final products. The digital display mock-up will not look exactly like the physical items.
Reward Survey:
Check-in with any updates posted to the Kickstarter so you know when to look for your survey. Please be sure to check your junk folder as surveys can wind up in here! You must fill in your survey to receive your reward(s).

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