Craving Saudade is creating literature, writing, young adult romance and realistic fiction.

Little Urge

$5 /creation
Little Urge's come and go, pop in and out whenever you feel like it. So is this tier. They aren't that serious about what I do (which is fine), but their subscription to my works aren't to go unnot...

Amassing Appetite

$10 /creation
Appetites are a bit more constant and habitual, and sometimes, they awaken a sense of wanting or needing in a person. This is that tier. If you think that my works are a little more than just a qui...

Growing Hunger

$20 /creation
So you've had a taste, huh? And now you can't get it out of your system? You need more? This is that tier. If you're slowly starting to have an unexplainable attraction to my works, then, most defi...

Youthful Yearning

$25 /creation
Something tells me your need is beginning to bud: let it grow. If you can feel the youth coursing through your veins whenever you read my works (and, of course, you're reminded of the 'good ol' day...

Burning Desire

$50 /creation
Was that one-liner stuck in your mind? Did something you see today remind you of one of my works? This is that tier. These are for the people who take my words as an everyday necessity, who think w...

Fiery Lust

$75 /creation
You need it ... so ... bad ... Your body aches all over just wanting to touch it, wanting to see it again, wanting it to whisper beautiful blasphemies into your ears. This is that tier.  For those ...

The Real Craving

$100 /creation
You did it, you finally did it. You spend weeks and months in agony, rethinking your life choices. You grin at the smallest things, shed tears over the cheesiest of sentiments. After all, the beaut...