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At the end of Dungeon Dynamite episodes, your name will appear under the "Thank you to my Patreon supporters" end card. If there are over 22 Patrons that have pledged over $30, the credits shout-outs will be rotated.
You or your OC appear in the background
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As well as getting a shout-out in the credits, you or your original character will be featured in the background of a Dungeon Dynamite episode.
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per Dungeon Dynamite episode

About Crazy Boris Productions

Dungeon Dynamite is an original animated comedy series set in the fantasy world of Spirifar. Ocho Octavius, Eighth Knight of Eight, a pious knight and adventurer, learns that once the world's 10,000 dungeons are delved and the Grand Artifacts at the end of each dungeon are taken the world will end. With assistance from his fellow party members, Apophis the Meteor Knight and Felix Euler the Math Wizard, he must outlaw dungeoneering and assemble his seven other knights of Eight. Watch episode one here!

Patrons are charged PER EPISODE, not month. Episodes can take anywhere from 2 to 3 months to make; but if the Patreon campaign does well, it is possible to see episodes come out at a monthly pace (potentially even faster than that). Episodes do not have a set time length but are generally in the area of ten minutes long.

Money made from this Patreon go towards allowing me to work on Dungeon Dynamite full time. Once I can pay rent and bills, money is put towards hiring assistant animators, storyboard animators, musicians, background artists, and voice actors. Videos are posted on Youtube, Newgrounds, and Facebook. Check out the Patreon rewards on the right; you could have yourself drawn into the background of a Dungeon Dynamite episode!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post