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 If you have any particular thoughts about menus we can help suggest what would be good for you. We may even be able to create a video especially for your creation. Bear in mind the object of the channel is to keep it simple, enjoyable and easy to make. 
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The idea behind the 'Crazy Chef' and making easy-to-follow cooking videos is to offer people simple and quick instructions to prepare healthy meals when they come home from work or for those not having a lot of time to prepare meals. Following these fun videos means that you do not have to rely on take-away meals which are often packed with preservatives, too much salt or saturated fat.

The recipes, using organic and free range ingredients where possible, are particularly suitable for one or two people. But not every dish is prepared from scratch because they are for people with limited time, so sometimes we do use ready-made sauces or dried herbs.

By watching our YouTube videos you will see that the Crazy Chef does some unusual things at times such as throwing things around (safely) and having unusual props such as a squirrel - but you will have to watch the videos to see all of that, and remember cooking can be fun as well.

The Crazy Chef eBook of recipes is now available on Amazon Kindle on this link.
The book contains all the recipes, cooking techniques, shopping lists and more. It is laid out in three sections; what to keep in your larder, cooking utensils and measurements, and the recipes themselves laid out simply with instructions and photographs. It makes a great read and is available free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

For further tips we also have a regular blog on this link, and photographs of some of our dishes can be seen on our Instagram page on this link.

We would like to continue to produce interesting fun videos and start doing it on a full time basis. To do this we could really do with your support, so if you like our videos and would like to help us produce better and more frequent content, we would very much appreciate your pledge. Patreon is about frequency, quality and support which will enable content creators to complete their mission.

[Our main web site at is currently under redevelopment but it will be back online soon.]

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Our first goal will enable us to save up for  a boom microphone to make the sound better. We also need some better lighting as we do not have a professional studio.
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