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•  Bubba & Magnus - Spyro 
•  Bernard - OK KO 
•  Kumatetsu - Bakemono No Ko
• Wolf O'Donnell - Starfox 
•  Banjo & Kazooie - Rare 
•  Kimahri & Behemoth  - Final Fantasy  
•  Magan, Makara, Yasuyori & Horkeukami - After School Tokyo Summoners
•  Greymon, Flamedramon, Weregarurumon, Leomon - Digimon
•  Grimlock &  Underbite - Transformers
• Juuichi,  Tatsuki, Tappei - Morenatsu
•  Bowser - Mario Bros
•  Incineroar,  Charizard, Machoke & Charmeleon   - Pokemon
•  T-Bone, Spikes, BadRap, Stegz & Bullzeye  •  Extreme Dinosaurs 

And Lots More!


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Hello everyone and welcome to my Patron account! This is Crazydrak , you probably heard about me as Jrbart in other places such as Twitter or Furaffinity. I'm a freelance digital artist who likes to draw homoerothic anthro art. I hope you like my stuff!





Email: [email protected] | Telegram: @Crazydrak


My name is Javier, but you can call me Croc. I'm just a charming guy who likes to draw lots of reptiles. I'm a Mechanical Engineer, I like meeting new people, watch good arts and get the chance to spread my artwork everywhere!

I've been drawing furry stuff since 2008, so it has been quiet a long journey, I have to say. I was basically involved in the fandom two years after that, starting from zero on DeviantArt, jumping later to Furaffinity, and years later I ended up creating Twitter and Patreon and now a Facebook. As you can see, all the pictures I've drawn had been part of a nice enjoyable hobby since then.


Here you will find many art styles either digital or traditional. As you can see my preference has always been present in drawing anthro characters specially scalies.. still, that doesn't stops me to draw all kinds of stuff. 

I always try to get what fandom looks these days. Whether be cartoons, chibi, fanarts, bara characters, YCH and also stickers. I try my best to get what you like the most, not without to mention that I do commissions as well, so don't mind to ask though. I'm open to draw clean or mature whatever your decision, no problem. :)

My truly goal here is to find support, most of all from kind people like you.. after all, who doesn't want to see good stuff for a low price, right? At the end, you're not just helping an artist economically, but you're helping it to fulfill a goal and making this guy to improve on better stuff, I assure you.

PS: Get this on mind I'm considering to make a comic once I finish my commission queue. You'll probably be interested in the future. So please stay tuned!

Your support can help me out with this stuff!

• More new sketches and concepts each month!
• Kinky pinups of characters voted on by you! Polls can suggest Fanart and Rule 34.
• Pack sets and exclusive images per month.
• Commissions and YCH for everyone.
• Fun Streamings, Patrons could watch and chat with me anytime while I draw.
• As reward I will send sketches and cool flat artworks for free for those Patreons who have supported a lot.

Thank you!

$120.04 of $200 per month
When I reach $200 per month, I’ll create new polls where you can vote for your favorite character and make it true!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 134 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 134 exclusive posts

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