Colton Simpson is creating Videos, Short Films, Gameplays, ETC.

1 Dollar Bills

$1 /mo
If you want this reward, you will be able to receive behind the scenes content that no one else will get to see. (This includes bloopers, extra scenes etc.)

Five Dollar Foot Long

$5 /mo
Make it rain with 5 dollars.

10 Dollars You Say?

$10 /mo
See your name at the end of my videos on youtube for that month. 

25 Voice Club

$25 /mo
With this reward I will do an ASMR reading especially for you. (You have to provide a script for me to read when the payment goes through)  You will also receive $10/5/1 rewards. 

50 Mile Club

$50 /mo
Small personal video that will be made addressed to you. You will also get $25/$10/$5/$1 Rewards as well.