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About cre8tive Media Vault

Welcome to cre8tive Media Vault!

This page is dedicated to online media content creators from around the world, but more specifically Unity Game Developers!

Are you a person who is really passionate about creating games, but who would also like to know how to actually start making money from your projects while you are building them? If so, then this is the place for you!

Join our Discord Server for more updates!

On this page you will find step-by-step tutorials and training videos on a wide range of topics, all linked of course to the art of creating, developing, and selling your own original media concepts, including comics, manga, novels, animations, mobile games, branded fashion & apparel items - all based on your own stories!

So whether you're an aspiring writer looking to introduce more readers to your story, a game creator looking for new tricks to promote your cool new game while creating a larger following for your characters, or a struggling creator simply looking for cheap, easy, and effective methods to get started bringing your imaginative worlds to life, this channel is a good place for you!

cre8tive Media Vault Homepage:

NerdyUrges Online Store:


Also, please feel free to donate to our channels!

Donations are completely optional. All video content will regularly be posted on YouTube and it will always be free to watch. This Patreon page is simply designed for people who like my work and would like to support my continued development efforts. Your support allows me to post better videos, more frequently! You also get special previews and receive notifications of parties and events before they are posted on YouTube.

Here are a few quick videos of my workflow of taking a game character art concept to digital media and physical store product. You can even order these very same T-shirts from our NerdyUrges Online Store right now if you`d like!

Why Should You Contribute?

  • Because you enjoy my content and would like to support my hard work! :)
  • To receive exclusive perks such as digital downloads and pre-release mobile game information
  • To receive FREE T-shirt & cosplay prop giveaways!
  • Comprehensive video tutorials for budding digital artists & cosplay designers who want to learn how to create their own promotional materials and apps.
  • More money = bigger and better projects. This is just the start!
  • Every Patron gets access to behind the scenes content posted to my exclusive Patreon feed.
  • Free stuff! When applicable, you will be automatically added to exclusive Patreon giveaways for items from my NerdyUrges Online Store! 

Here`s a quick DIY Cosplay build tutorial that I created a few months ago for a FFVII style "First Tsurugi" sword build modification. More professional cosplay builds based on my "WildFIRE Expanded Universe" characters coming soon!

Additionally, since many of my projects and events also require travel to different locations throughout Japan, you`ll also get the added bonus of having access to video tours of Japanese cities and culture and hotspots like in the following video. If you ever plan on making a trip to the Tokyo area, <g>come</g> hang out with me!

It goes without saying that I would greatly appreciate your financial support. I'll say it anyway though. THANK YOU! I really appreciate it because your support inspires me to keep creating new content and shows that you understand what I`m trying to do with my channel. That makes all of the hard work that I put into creating my videos well worth it!

Thank you for supporting my goal to create beautiful, memorable and personalized artwork for people around the world!

~cre8tive Media Vault |

PS: Check out this quick video to see how Patreon works, and don't forget to check out the Patreon FAQ as well! You can use PayPal to contribute, as well as any credit card!

$8.60 of $500 per month
If I hit this much monthly funding, I'll do a patron-exclusive monthly hangout with cre8tive Media Vault to discuss the most requested topic on my page (media design, cosplay builds, product development, recent movies, life in Japan, etc.)!
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