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December's theme this year is:


ode to studios | central NB

calming visuals, the winter landscape and the artist’s place within it

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(September 2019)


women working together, collaborative projects and historical connections

(December 2019)

ode to studios | central NB

calming visuals, the winter landscape and the artist’s place within it

(March 2020)


mental health, the artist’s mind and the role of creativity in wellness

(June 2020)


natural connection, outdoor installation and art for environmental change

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About CreatedHere Magazine

CreatedHere is a non-profit web and print publication focused on uncovering the stories of New Brunswick artists. We bring together content that elevates local artists, cultivates a connected arts community, and inspires readers.

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While our publication is not for profit, we still feel writers and artists should be fairly paid for their contributions, and we are dedicated to improving incentives. Our current honorarium for our print issues is $80 per article. When we reach this level of funding, we will increase the honorarium to $150/article. Our cover artists will receive an extra $100.
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