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  • Everything in previous tiers - art lessons, reference photos + more.  
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  • Everything from all support tiers - reference photos, art lessons, art challenges, longer videos and more!
  •  Acrylic Painting e-book. Learn what you need to know about acrylics to master them in this book ($25 value).
  • Art Lessons Organized. Instant access to a private page on my site with all my art lessons organized & in sequential order to make learning easier.  New 2021 Year perk!
  • Access to Private Facebook Group! There you can enjoy Q&As, bonus videos, motivation, art sharing with support, and a community-driven to become better artists. 
  • To ask for specific tutorials & lessons.



About Createful Art

Hi My Friend! 

Right here is where you become a Createful Art Member and enjoy my weekly art lessons, reference photos, vote for lessons, and enjoy my artwork. Lot's of fun stuff! See the membership tiers and choose the one that fits you best!

I built Createful Art to serve those that are serious about becoming better painters and artists. In order to become better, you need art lessons! Because without the knowledge or whys behind the art, your skill level can't increase.

The problem is that practice alone won't get you there, which makes you wonder if you actually have the talent when progression is slow.

I'm here to tell you, that of course, you do! I believe you have unlimited potential to create whatever it is YOU want. That feeling of discouragement when you can't is no fun. I don't want anyone to feel that way!

I've been there. I remember when I couldn't even paint clouds! So I turned to books, teachers, and artists for help. A lot of what I got back was confusing, missing important info, or just taught in such a long way that I lost interest when they didn't get to the point!

I questioned, the confusing and/or boring way art was being taught. Why not make learning art so simple that we get it, move on, and progress faster? Why not make learning art fun and encourage creativity? Instead of painting boring fruit all the time that heaven forbid you paint in your own unique way. People like you and me, who love art, well...we want to still love art while we are learning it. Geeze! 

What a tedious process! Eventually, I learned the key concepts and thereby gained the knowledge I needed to become confident in my abilities. So now I make it as easy as possible for you to learn art without the confusion with my simple art lessons that go with my extra fun tutorials. FUN and EASY! Yay!

This is how my lessons work...

Step 1: Select a tier that gives you what you want in perks. Every tier includes my weekly art lessons. The higher tiers include more than that!

Step 2: Read my art lessons. Pace yourself so that you can really internalize the concepts. When you become a member you can access my painting fundamental lessons that help you become a better artist, right here and new ones weekly.

Step 3: Practice what you learn with my tutorials. Feel free to change anything, in fact, I encourage it. Be creative!

Now, watch yourself become a skilled artist, faster!

About me: My name is Ashley Krieger. I'm a momma of three, a full-time traveling artist, art teacher, and Youtuber. I have created 200+ videos that teach art lovers like you, how to create art with fun tutorials and art lessons. It is my amazing members that help me do what I love the most, thank you for your support! You can get to know me more right here.

Currently, I am on a journey traveling to all the U.S. states with my family in an RV. As I travel I'm painting a new scene in each state and sharing it on Youtube.  I'm happy to share this art journey with you.

I hope you enjoy my art lessons, I can't wait to see your progress and have fun painting!

Ashley Krieger
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Family support
I love making art tutorials for you and teaching you about art. With your support, I can help provide for my family's basic needs by doing what I do best. Thank you so much for making that possible.
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