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About Creative Forces
The Creative Forces Podcast is a series of in-depth discussions with creative individuals, hosted by Guy Kilty. Creativity can be found everywhere, whether it’s in the areas we traditionally think of such as art, music, writing and film-making, or others like advertising, PR, finance, IT and entrepreneurship. Each episode of Creative Forces attempts to find out where one individual’s creativity comes from by talking about their life, the choices they’ve made, and what’s driven them to pursue their own ideas.

Why support it?
At the moment Creative Forces is a completely self-funded fortnightly podcast but I have big ambitions for the future. Regular funding via Patreon would allow me to reach for the following goals:
- Produce an episode every week rather than every fortnight
- Travel to each interviewee so interviews can always be done face-to-face
- Organise live recordings of interviews in front of an audience
- Go international and set up interviews with creative forces around the world

About Guy Kilty
With varying degrees of success I'm a freelance broadcaster, bassist, music producer and writer. My day (and night) job is as a presenter and reporter on BBC radio 5 live, where I regularly present Wake Up To Money and Up All Night, and report on the business news during its daytime programmes. When I'm not clogging up the airwaves I'm usually writing and playing bass for my band The Exacters or willing the back catalogue of my previous band, Dojo Cuts, to get picked up by a US TV series or two. As well as broadcasting and music I've worked in the real world too, riding the dot com wave as a software developer for seven years in the late 90s and early noughties, and I squeezed in a three-year spell teaching English in Thailand and Australia. On top of all that I now present and produce the Creative Forces Podcast. I love presenting and producing it and I'm going to carry on doing it for the forseeable future with or without funding. I'd love to take it further, though, so if you like what you hear and you're up for helping me do that I'd be eternally grateful!


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