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About Belinda Lindhardt ❤ Artist & Illustrator

Hello! my name is Belinda.
A little about me, I am an artist, illustrator & designer based on Sydney's Central Coast, Australia. (visit my website).

I work in two very distinct styles of art:
My realism style - usually consists of people or subjects of fruit, vegetables and items. I really love capturing moments and memories in time and then twisting them a bit with a bit of imagination. 

I also love to paint in a very organic semi abstract / expressionism style usinga  variety of different materials (mixed media) to produce contemporary paintings. I am influenced by colours and my local environment. I like to incorporate textures and sometimes recycled materials in these works.

Living near the beach, the water is a common theme in many of my works but it also represents a spiritual meaning of flow, authenticity & connection which are values that I very important in my life and my self-being.

 I am primarily a self-taught artist and have also taught both kids and adults in mixed media, coloured pencils in my local community.  

I love how colours can effective our moods and thoughts and I love how everyone can see something different in an abstract. Work and one of my favourite things to do is to ask people what they see or feel when viewing my work.

❤️  WHY  ❤️

Providing a connection to oneself both through the art I create and why I also love to share my experiences with others. I have been told by other artists that my sharing not just in life but in life experiences has provided them with inspiration to take their own journey through their art and I am so inspired by that to continue further. 

In my rewards I have tried to structure it for both artists who are learning as well as people who are just fans of my artwork - if there is something that you would love to see from me please let me know -

Thanks for sticking with me I hope you enjoyed my story and I really hope we can go on this journey together!

I am a lover of social media, you can follow me on any one of the social media channels on my website.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts

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